Fantasy Mini

Well now that tech adviser has vacated the shed I have been able to clear out all the sawdust that has accumulated over the last two years or so and this has enabled me to take a break from my normal stuff and finish off some very neglected pieces of long ago.

More on that in the near future, as you well know I have created a big problem with all these larger dioramas and have run out of room. Even though I have a large rack it is already full. The tech adviser had only just crossed the border before someone had the idea to store some in her vacated room, but I’m sure that little caper won’t last long as I’m sure this will be discovered soon enough. Down scaling is the only way to go.

Having seen some nice little mini’s I felt I would try my luck at one just to keep me on track with the fantasy theme I’m running with. I can also get a bit of practice posting things on the blog site now that I’m flying solo.

I won’t rabbit on as there isn’t much to say other than that the figures are three Dark Alliance Amazons and a nice little base from a Gaming shop up the road that IRO talked about visiting with his youngest last year. (Thanks Luke, an interesting shop even if its opening hours are certainly odd). The container I have put it in is an upside down spice jar from Target as I can’t find any professional glass domes that one would normally use.




25 thoughts on “Fantasy Mini

    1. patmcf

      Thanks mate I’m never going to try and compete with the Master mini man Dave but it certainly makes a change from the big ones ! and yeh mate thanks for putting me onto House Of War ,I was only in there for a short time so I must go up again and check it out again ,lot of interesting stuff but will check the opening hours on the phone before popping up there at nine am !!!

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      1. patmcf

        I just saw your comment to Dave’s dio themes ! Mind if I smoke !!!! the pealer of the year mate and it only gone Fed !! I’m Surprised he said he would have problems finding the figures for it !!!!! heaven you two never fail to crack me up !!

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  1. theimperfectmodeller

    Very nice Pat. Interesting that you reached the same conclussion I did a while back and the need to down size. You need a lot of space to carry on making larger dioramas. I will be very interested to see where you go from here. One thing is for sure you wont have a problem with creativity, there simply so much you can do. 😊

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  2. Dave Stone

    Great work Pat and as John said very clever use of the jar. As your going for smaller dioramas now have you considered doing duelling combatants, these small little vignettes can be as powerful as the larger more impressive ones

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  3. Wudugast

    Very nice indeed – and you seem to be surviving well without tech support too! Very clever to use the jar like that as well, honestly hadn’t noticed that was what it was until you explained.

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  4. stevebArt

    Hello Pat, thought i would just mosey on over here and view your spectacular model dioramas, well these are certainly worth a look, such detail in such a small area too, and here’s me struggling with Space Marines, wow they will hold my attention for quite a while, thank you for sharing, think i will hang around a while..

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Steve I’m glad you are enjoying the shows they are a lot of fun to make ,well mostly 🤨but I’m downsizing at the moment as space and storage has become a bit of and issue 😯😂

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      1. stevebArt

        I understand that completely, I live in a downstairs flat , we don’t really have space to leave out everything when we hobby, so we paint and my wife sews for a few days then we pack it all away when we have visitors, but we do love it..

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  5. Ann

    Very nice and as others have said the small diorama is a great idea. I think, too, for people who like artistic things that would accent a book shelf or whatever, something like that would make a great, personalized gift (plus allow one to make things and not run into space problems).

    I like those green bits on the base; if you don’t mind my asking, how did you do them?

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    1. patmcf

      You are right in what you say about making smaller ones taking up less space something I didn’t think about when I started out doing big ones 🤭storage is the problem as nobody in there right mind would think of having a 3’x3’ dust collected in their lounge room🤪😅. The green you are referring to would be the static grass I would imagine ,the fibres come in various lengths from 1mm to 12 mm and are applied with a device that put an electrical charge through them and makes them stand up in the glue one has spread over the desired area. Since you mentioned it I will do a how to on my blog when I’m able . Cheers Pat .

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