Making a stone wall

My version on how to make a stone wall with fine gravel and glue.

What you will need,

  1. Thin sheet of Styrofoam
  2. Fine gravel
  3. Some berry pins
  4. Fine gravel, I have used two sizes but I’m sure you can do it with one
  5. PVA (white glue)
  6. Plastic lunch wrap
  7. A piece of cardboard to base it all on and for pins to stick into it.

First I made the mould (just like a mini form box) out of the Styrofoam using the pins to hold it in place. I then covered it completely with cling wrap as it is easier to remove when it’s dry.


You could mix your gravel and glue together and put it in like that, but what I did was to spread a thin layer of dry gravel in first, then squeezed a lay of glue over that and continued with this until the mould was full, tamping it down as I went.


After a day or two you can disassemble the form box by removing the pins and the pieces of Styrofoam. Because of the plastic, you may find it has not dried sufficiently so gently peel back the cling wrap a little and leave it a bit longer, maybe another day, depending on the weather.

When dry remove the plastic, you may find that some will still stick to the gravel so when completely dry give it a light rub with fine sandpaper.



To demonstrate the finished product, I will be posting a mini that I made this section of wall for shortly.

Well good luck, you may want to play around a bit, as I have, after seeing some clever person who was kind enough to post it for everyone’s benefit.   What he used as a mould was, as I recall, a children’s plastic playing brick.

When you have your finished your wall you can choose to paint it, or leave it to display the natural gravel colour you have used. Or what you can also do, as I have, is spray them with adhesive and puff some flock onto them to give the appearance of moss.

14 thoughts on “Making a stone wall

    1. patmcf

      Thank you mate, they are easy and you can set the size to suit you own scale needs, and yes the Scots have a lot of stonewalls so I look forward to seeing you work in the future.

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