Polish -Dutch Lancers

Well it’s just a short post on a few totally neglected figures I started painting in 2013 when I started out. I can’t remember why I stopped; I think I got distracted by the medieval village diorama which took a long time to build so they were just pushed aside … what’s that Marvin?  My fear of painting horses might have had something to do with it!!

Well the reason I searched them out was due to Steve https://bogenwaldblog.wordpress.com/ and John of Just Needs a Varnish https://justneedsvarnish.wordpress.com/ asking me to do them.  Thanks boys, that is just what I need now, a jogging of the old memory now that I 65.

These old Esci figures, now put out by Italeri, the Dutch Polish Lancers, looked okay to me at the time but now they are a bit hard to mix in with other sets of French cavalry such as the Zvezda Cuirassiers. I was going to just pop them on a small base on their own.  However after I saw Ann’s Immaterium post on muddy bases https://annwycoff.com/, and having bought some Vallego Earth Textures recommended to me by John, I decided I will try them out on a larger one. I bought the 219 Brown Earth and the 217 Desert Sand Earth Textures, the latter I forgot to say, I used on the Desert Attack diorama.

In a nut shell, this has led me to a quandary as to which way to go, so I will paint up the Zvezda guys and the Italeri Carabiniers and see whether the Dutch Polish Lancers will fit in.

Anyway back to Ann’s bases. Seeing the mud it made me think I could put these fellows in it as at Waterloo, but then that led me to thinking why not paint up all my French Cavalry that have been lying around and do one on the Great Cavalry Charge up the slope to the British Allied squares. Anyway that’s what going on in the old brain at the moment.

Sorry, the short post turned into a long waffle!

  1. I just remembered Steve commented on pinning these old sets of horses. You are right mate, the legs are far too thin so I will have to resort to the old cut a hole and bury the base trick!


19 thoughts on “Polish -Dutch Lancers

    1. patmcf

      Thanks mate ,yes it strange ,I normally know exactly what I’m going to do but I’m going through a bad concentration period, I’ll put it down to the winter onset !!!

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  1. maenoferren22

    Huzzah! The emperor thanks you. Looking great Pat. We did a re-enactment event with some of the Dutch lancers. Obviously they weren’t as amazing as the Polish lancers, but nice chaps all the same.

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  2. Azazel

    Looking good here, Pat – and always great when you get to finish off a set of old, abandoned models. Looking forward to seeing them finally added to one of your dios! 🙂

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  3. Marvin

    My turn to go awol, Pat! 🙂 Sorry for the delay. Finally catching up with stuff and I get rewarded with your Red Lancers. I think I prefer the Dutch ones to the Polish ones – I too went for the Red Lancers in my Nap Cavalry Project. I used Zvezda’s lancers but it was a close tie with the old Esci ones, because they are just as great a set. I like the shade you used for the red uniforms – what is it?

    And don’t be afraid of horses – yours are coming out very nicely. I say don’t be afraid of horses but I got charged by two yesterday. Pleased to say I stood my ground like a one man square and they veered off! 😀

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    1. patmcf

      Wow , fancy being charged by horses, now that an experience for you if there ever was one , sounds a bit scary😳.I used Revell mat 36 for the lancers , the same one that Use for my Nappy Brits . I have bought some Zvezda lancers but I wasn’t sure if I could use them on my Waterloo charge dio , I’m not sure if they will fit in with the Carabinier and cuirassiers , my base isn’t big 1’x 15” . The other thing is I can’t imagine the three different groups would have been using up that slope , two I feel would be ok as that could be the edges of each different squadron , oh the dilemma! I will just have wait and see . The way you painted your guys really made me want to use them but I’ll probably end up just using a couple of the old Esci ones as stragglers .

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      1. Marvin

        Ah,wasn’t too scary – they were mucking about. The horses were two we keep our horse with and if I know something about horses it is that, like infantry, hold your ground and don’t run! 🙂

        I might check out revell’s 36 as I’m always looking for ‘the right shade’ of red.

        Looking forward to seeing your progress, like others!

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  4. patmcf

    I was just thinking what you said about horses and it brought back memories of what the author Bill Bryson said about cows in the UK , and that is that they killed quite a few people each year on those walking paths you have , I found that quite amazing since I was raised on a farm with them 🤔.

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