Pegasus 1/72 Soldier Review.

Hello all you fine folk, I trust you are keeping well, this post is a bit different in that it’s a review of some fine Pegasus 1/72 soldier sets that I have purchased and will be using to make my own mini sets as I have now finished the Zvezda sets that I had. I have a few more to show but first a look at these fine figures that I am putting alongside some German Panzers in a series of my own creation.

I have chosen two sets, they are the Waffen SS sets and have rated well on the PSR (1/72 Plastic Soldier Review).  You can check them out in more detail on their site if you are interested. The two sets go well together which is a real plus if you want to do a smallish diorama, the poses are active and realistic.  I painted them with my usual Acrylics followed by a wash and a spray of Acrylic Matt Varnish. Well that’s it for the moment I will post the others in a day or two.

I have to say I received a big surprise in yesterday’s mail! It was a parcel of models that I had purchased in February and had written them off as unlikely to be received, the reason being that they were from one of my supplier’s in the Ukraine.  Well obviously the last thing you are going to think of when your country has just been invaded is to ship some toys around the world to some old guy!!

I emailed him as it was well past the feedback time and his reply was that he would get back to sending out his stuff when he was able and hoped we could continue our happy business relationship.  So I whipped in another order with him as I don’t think I could be as cool as that under the circumstances!

I’ll be back soon, keep well my friends.

27 thoughts on “Pegasus 1/72 Soldier Review.

  1. theimperfectmodeller

    Great looking figures Pat and I agree the poses are excellent. I can quite see why you were attracted to buying them. The chap in the Ukraine is quite some guy given the circumstances. Looking forward to seeing what you have in mind for these mini master pieces. 🙂

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Dave, I think it was your fine self that said it’s easier to paint a good figure, I totally agree as doing the different camouflage was interesting and quite a bit of fun 🤔. You’re right about the young man, it certainly impressed me.

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  2. rantingsfromunder

    Lovely stuff mate, they look brilliant, top work for 1/72 I thought they were 1/35 to start with!

    Good to see your pets enjoying the sun, and you got to give to your Ukrainian supplier, that’s a top bloke!

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. patmcf

      Thank Roger, the sculptor certainly did well on these guys, that bit of sun didn’t last long mate🥴we have been getting a heap of rain for a part of Victoria that normally misses out 🤔. Like I said I was stunned when I got that parcel, I feel it would be hard to top that kind of service 😃.


    1. patmcf

      Thanks Jeff, they don’t normally hang out together but as it’s winter they have decided to put their differences aside and share the sunshine while it there😉.The guy you refer to is so good as that sort of pose is rarely done🤔.

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  3. Ann

    The fighting men are looking good and I agree, how wild is it getting a package of miniatures from a supplier who is in a country that is currently being invaded. All things considered, I think four months isn’t too long to wait.

    I like the picture of your dog and cat too.

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