Gallipoli. 6 ¼”x 3 ½”/ 16cm x 9cm 500gm.

This one is just a quick one. Yes, I know I always say that!  But I will keep it short as there is not much to say about this little guy. I said long ago that I wouldn’t compete by doing much WWI or WWII as there are so many others that have done so many brilliant dioramas that it was pointless.  However because I wanted to use the fruit juice carton method, similar to the little milk carton ones I did not long ago, I wanted to see if it would work for some ideas down the track.  Also I had these figures left over from other failed efforts so I thought I would bang them on and see how it goes.

Figures by Airfix and Hat, and for those clever ones, you’ll notice the table has  been restored!

I said I would keep it short!!! Cheers Pat.  

18 thoughts on “Gallipoli

  1. Kuribo

    This is an excellent subject for a diorama and I think you did a fantastic job creating a scene with this one, Pat! The terrain and foliage look really top-notch as well. Its good to see what you’ve been working on and I look forward to seeing more as you get around to it!

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