Light tank M3 StuartMk1

38cmx21cmx17.1kg Welcome back. It’s not often I complete two dios in a month but as you will see, this new one is a lot smaller than my usual work, and set in a completely new period which, I have to say, was inspired in part by our friend the tank man Mark Morin of whom […]

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Roman Ambush

Size: 50 x 28 cm 1.8kgs

I decided that it was time to go down a bit in size as I am always saying, room, I need more room! So the answer was go smaller and this was the result. There are 285 figures on the board so it is pretty crowded but that was the effect I was hoping for as the roman battles would have been very ‘argy bargy’. The idea came to me when I was reading about the roman ambush in a Germanic forest.

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