TIM’s Trees

This is my experimentation with The Imperfect Modeller’s method of making trees without glue.
A brilliant and easy idea once you have practiced his method. This can be found on TIM’s blog– I highly recommend having a look. Below you can see some of my experimentations, the better ones you will see on my next diorama. It is always really good to get tips from fellow modellers, and I really appreciate TIIM sharing his work- it really isn’t as imperfect as he makes out.
If you have any other tried and true methods, it would be great to see you share them in the comments.

4 thoughts on “TIM’s Trees

  1. theimperfectmodeller

    Less a tree more a forest! Look very, very good. Will look forward to your next diorama. Glad you enjoyed making them. Agree about the tips. For many of us we have the skill but not the knowledge of the technique. Great stuff!


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