Cavalry horses

I have just finished painting fifty horses and cavalry men , it’s my first go at painting horses I usually shy away from them but this time I had no option but to bite the bullet and go to it.

After a bit of research and some practice it wasn’t to bad and towards the end was a bit of fun, I never realised horses colours and makings were so varied.

Well on to painting  the infantry  and a bit of hedge making, I have a plan to use a tip from TIM’s tree making blog to make the hedges, I’ll post the result if it works out.








7 thoughts on “Cavalry horses

  1. theimperfectmodeller

    You have been busy Pat! Looking great and to think they are your first horses, brilliant. Looking forward to seeing the completed diorama further down the line and what you’ve got in store for hedges!


    1. patmcf

      Thanks mate ,not my first horses really, I’ve done the odd one or two but this was my first foray into painting a large group . I have got my hands onto some coir fibre twine from a nursery which has turned out perfect for the job as you will see soon .

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    1. patmcf

      I wasn’t to keen at the start, but I made myself do them before I the infantry, that way Couldn’t weasel out in the end and only paint a few as has happened in the past .

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  2. justneedsvarnish

    Well done with this lot! They look really good charging en masse! I hate painting horses and usually opt for brown and black as they’re easy to paint over a black shade coat, but I bought a kid’s book on horses and it’s really good for colours and markings! Am looking forward to seeing your new update.


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