Update on Pat’s Progress Spring 2019

Well, just an update on where I’m at as things have changed somewhat due to some confusion on my part regarding the two hemispheres, north and south.

I had planned to do a diorama that was to be based on a battle that took place in Michigan USA in early 1813 called the Battle of Raisin River or the Battles of French Town. This was all part of what became known as the War of 1812 between the USA and the United Kingdom, and after reading about it some time ago it drew my attention as it fell into the period I’m most interested in, the Napoleonic wars.

Those that follow my blog will know that I have painted up 200 odd figures for this diorama this Winter just gone and had them all ready along with a base that only needed some terrain added to start the show. Bang, disaster struck!

I had gone to Google Earth like I often do if I want to see what an area looks like, check little things such as soil colour, whether the terrain is hilly or flat, the types of tree and any other vegetation that may help me make things look a bit more realistic. (Some of you might know that I don’t actually do dioramas of specific historical events so normally I can get away with certain failings, but in this case one needed to get a certain amount of facts right just to be credible.)

Ok, I live in Australia in the southern hemisphere, Michigan is in the Northern hemisphere and one would imagine that Google operates when the weather is fine, so a nice drive through the Raisin River area showed me a beautiful flat terrain with nice green trees and lush vegetation. Marvellous I say, it was all set in my brain with the image locked in and ready to go!  Oh hang on, what was that bit of information I read about the Americans attacking the British after crossing a frozen river??  I’d better check that out… aarghh!  It’s January you idiot!  Not quite green and lush at that time of year in the northern hemisphere, maybe a bit of frost or even a little snow perhaps!!!!

One might forgive an Australian for the confusion but I did spend two years living in the UK and experiencing a white Christmas to boot, so I should have realized that it was all wrong. So that means this show is off the agenda for a while.

Luckily though I have been busy with something new, an area I never thought I would try but now that I have, I’m quite excited about it. Maybe I have been influenced by a large group of you and your fabulous works.

So apart from this new subject coming soon I have also been working on some more tanks and I’m also trying to get another section added to the castle on the opposite side to the bathers, but I’ve been battling the elements down here as we have had a long Winter and I haven’t been able to utilize the shed (garage) as I’ve become a bit soft in my old age.




10 thoughts on “Update on Pat’s Progress Spring 2019

    1. patmcf

      Thanks mate ,yeah the figures should be fine for the next show when O can get some ideas of what it should be like ,but for the time being they are on leave until I need to recall them 🤔, maybe later in the season when I’ve got the others done.

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  1. Azazel

    All good, Pat. And there are a lot of nice ways to do snowy terrain that should be a nice new experience for you. As far as experiences go, might it be worth doing a smaller-scale snow scene to get to grips with some of the techniques? You mention tanks. A small-scale Eastern Front dio perhaps? 🙂

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    1. patmcf

      Sorry mate but I have don a two snowy terrain dios in the past and although they turned out ok it’s not really my cup of tea probably because I don’t like snow ,🥶. Just finishing the tank one and it’s pretty much like the last one very tropical 🌴 will try to get it up soon .

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  2. Wudugast

    As I was reading the post I was thinking “well, that’s not the end of the world, bet when you do a frozen river it’ll look fantastic” but if you don’t like snow then don’t force yourself, there’s no point if you’re not enjoying it right? I’m sure you’ll find a use for the models though, there must have been other battles from the same time period that took place in the summer?

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks mate, your right snow isn’t my favourite ,wether I’m in it or doing a diorama of it even though I did like the challenge of doing the two previous ones but it wasn’t what I was thinking of ,but yeah you are one the money there mate, other battles and in warmer weather ,that’s the plan for the future .The thought of doing a frozen river mate fills me with fear, water features are pretty tricky and the product is so expensive I think I’ll leave that to the experts!!

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