Swamp Diorama Update

Well I’m putting in more practice on posting on my blog as I’m one of those old folk who need to do things a number of times before I become confident, one of the few disadvantages of growing up before the technical world became everyday use.

To those marvellous patient people that follow my blog, it does mean a lot to hear your encouragement and comments and I thank you. As you will know I’m working on the Swamp diorama, so this is a bit of an update to show that the foliage is done and I only need to paint up the figures, place them and then put in the water.  I have used mostly bits of the palm trees and plants I used on the WWII dioramas.   You keen eyed folk will notice straight away the only thing different is I painted them a less vibrant green, more suitable for a swamp.

We are all going through a pressing time at present so all I can say is I trust you all stay healthy.

17 thoughts on “Swamp Diorama Update

    1. patmcf

      Thanks mate but it could be a bit of a way of now , my work being declared an essential business due to the virus I’ll be putting in more not less , bugger if it weren’t for the fires and now this I would be retired up the bush ! Can’t complain not many 65 year olds are as popular as I , no mate not my good looks just the products they all suddenly want 😳keep fit mate .

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