Well I have finished the little sailing ship NINA the 1/75 scale model made by Heller, quite a fine vessel and it is ideal for the purpose I have in mind. Not being ship savvy it was a challenge!  Putting the hull etc. together was easy enough but rigging it was the hard part.  After doing some study on others’ works, I muddled my way through.

It’s about 9”x 2½” x 12”. I have had to build a new crow’s nest as the one supplied was tiny, you can see it as I have used it as a basket and lashed it to the aft mast (handy as it covers a blemish in the lashings there). Those of you with a keen eye will notice I’ve again used an Emhar Viking oarsman; I find they are useful and have used them on the Castle and also the Viking attack dioramas.   They are hard plastic but can be bent to a certain degree.

As you will have noticed I have painted the sails charcoal, this because it’s going to be manned by the Dark Alliance Corsairs which I’ll put up soon. It’s a bit cold wet and blustery down here in Melbourne at the moment so it’s not much fun working on the base out in the shed.

Cheers all and a big thank you to all those that went out of their way to allay fears of the new changes to Word Press.

31 thoughts on “NINA

  1. Azazel

    Wow Pat – very impressive! All those rigging ropes look like a bloody nightmare to set up – better you than me on doing all of that! 😀
    I like the little touches as well, like the ballista on the deck ready to say hello to whomever gets the invite. 😉

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  2. theimperfectmodeller

    Very nice indeed Pat and very different from anything I have seen you do before and the rigging is excellent. Have been toying with the idea of doing a boat diorama myself, just a rowing one nothing fancy like this and I am inspired to do so all the more now. 😊

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Dave it had to be done as I have these Corsair guys and they were just begging for a ship! I’m just now working on a small boat for them as well it’s from Zvezda and called Medieval Life Boat , but it looks a bit more modern to me🤔. I’ll post it next week with the figures.

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks John but I’m not popping it on the base it’s going to be sailing along the coast attacking some tribesmen , a sought of Caribbean setting. Doing the ocean will be the next big drama I face !😳🤓

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  3. Dave Stone

    Fantastic looking ship Pat, the rigging drives me insane on these (probably why I’ve not done one in 20 years) but yours looks excellent with great attention to detail. Look forward to seeing the whole set up, and good luck with the water effect !

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Dave ,for some strange reason I thought it would come with the old plastic rat lines, so you can imagine the shock I had on opening the box 😳. Oh well if do another it will be easy🤔(aah tempting the gods the gods there old boy !).and Thanks for the wish of luck for the water effects I’ll need it!

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  4. Jeff Groves

    Looks great, Pat! I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with her. I can’t imagine crossing the Atlantic in that! I agree rigging is a pain, I have to use a drop of superglue or my little knots will come undone.

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  5. Marvin

    Those of us who have not the faintest idea of building fiddly and complex sailing vessels salute you! 🙂

    Lovely job, I say. And with its dark charcoal sails and piratical design it does look an ideal craft to use with dark alliance corsairs so I’m really looking forward to seeing the crew too.

    A storm on its way over here too coincidentally, so I’m glad I’m on dry land.

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  6. Ann

    Nicely done ship, I like it. The rigging and such reminds me of “helping” my father (I think I was 7 or 8) when he put together a model of the U.S.S. Constitution and he found the hardest part was the rigging. It was probably telling that the next ship he put together after his experience with the rigging was the battleship Bismarck.

    I like your fix for the crow’s nest making it bigger so you could put a suitable eagle eyed look out in it.


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