Infantry/Artillery Painting Update

Well my fellow followers I have finally finished painting the infantry and a few artillery men to complete  the figures I need for the dio, 180 infantry and about a dozen artillery guys.  This completes the painting and conversions that have taken a bit of time as those of you who like to do conversions will know, well worth it though I say.  I have used mostly the great Revell sets as those that are followers of the 1/72 figures will be familiar with, along with some House of Campaign figures.  Beware though with the artillery figures, within both the House of Campaign and Revell  sets the figures  vary in size significantly (see the 1/72 Soldier Review site ).  Revell sets though are hard to find!  I am using a couple of the  MARS set 72015 plus a few of the House of campaign  guys as it is all one needs really as artillery in the field was very limit.

I know some of you guys and girls pride yourselves on spotting variations (conversions) so I won’t mention any until you have a chance to spot them. There is one of you out there who picked up the medieval cook in the REATREAT FROM CORUNNA dio, a lad that knows his 1/72 figures well . I have a feeling he already has the answer.   Looking forward to putting it all together on my return from the hedge research in the UK over the next 4 weeks.


13 thoughts on “Infantry/Artillery Painting Update

  1. theimperfectmodeller

    Great stuff Pat and I’m really looking forward to seeing these little guys in situ when you put the base work together. The hedges you did together with what else will feature is going to look stunning Ì reckon. Hope you and your good lady have a safe and enjoyable trip to the UK and that the reseach all goes OK. I have a feeling you wil pick up a few more ideas along the way!

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks mate ,we are getting pretty excited now and I feel that the research is going to be of benefit ,I feel I have nailed the hedges with your help with string idea but seeing them in there natural environment will helpful. I don’t think I have been so excited about on of my projects ,It has always been one of my favourite subjects since first learning abut it at school .Just to top it of we are going to Newark on Trent to see the ECW museum there, which fits in well with our tour plans .

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  2. Paul H

    One conversion that stands out….A bod from the MiniArt French Knights with Assault Ladders set 😉
    I´ve bookmarked your string hedge´s and will definately give it a go and give a link back to your tutorial when I´ve got around to making some.

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    1. patmcf

      Brilliant Paul, I always love to see other modellers work and try and spot the figures they have used ,I feel I was clutching at straws when I put him in ,whether he gets a Guernsey, we will have to wait and see . The hedges mate are really worth trying and I am sure you will put your own thumb print on them ,and I look forward to seeing your results .

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  3. justneedsvarnish

    Figures all looking impressive! I can remember having some of the Revell figures years ago and actually have one of their cannon painted red to represent an old Chinese field gun from the Boxer Rebellion! I’ve got a feeling that Zvezda do some 30 Years War figures (or that sort of time frame) as well, but if they do you’ll already know that!

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks mate , you are one the money about the Zvezda guys ,they did put out a set of Austrian musket and pike that would have fitted in with this mob but having search high and low I have not been able to find one set , which is a shame as they look really great on the 1/72 PSR ,even the Revell infantry that suit this period are hard to get and one has to pay big coin to get them . Six days mate and I’m in your country doing hedge research ,ah ah ! .

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      1. justneedsvarnish

        That holiday really has come round quick! Really do hope you enjoy it! I’d put money on you buying loads of figures and stuff while you’re here, chucking out your clothes and just taking a suitcase worth of figures home! I bet you’ve thought about it!

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks mate , I really like to do the big ones but that might not be the case for much longer as the house isn’t getting any bigger ,where do I put them eh!. It going to be a long 4weeks before I can get down to the fun part of putting it together .


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