American/British 1812

Well finally some sunshine and I am able to take some photos of my Winter’s work, painting a few figures, or I should say quite a few! I was gathering up the troops to take out to the shed and felt that I was lacking some.  Then I realised I had a heap of them up in the racks, the guys I first painted back in May, all the boys for the 1812 American dio that I had forgotten about.  The reason for this was that I wasn’t certain what terrain I was going to use.  I think it will be flat as it is supposed to be loosely based on the Raisin River battle in 1812 in Michigan State, but the plan has not fully formulated in my head as yet.  It probably won’t until I’m ready to get out into the work shed in Spring.

The figures I’m using are nearly all Strelets and include Tecumseh’s Indians, British light infantry Egypt, British infantry in attack, British infantry in overcoats and three mounted Boers and some Jacobites. It was a bit of fun messing with the Jacobites as they have some really good poses.  I have 250 guys in total to play with but I’m not sure if they will all fit on the base I have prepared.  It looks a bit small, but only time will tell.

10 thoughts on “American/British 1812

  1. Marvin

    Some seriously productive work! Seen in a big group like this is great. I really like them all, in particular the Indians (the Tecumsah set?). For a moment, seeing the troops in greatcoats I thought I was looking at a snowy field scene! 🙂 That’s the kind of diorama I’d be capable of. Looking forward very much to seeing the diorama created – the best is yet to come!

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    1. patmcf

      Well mate this is the hardest on I have done having no real image in my head of what its going to be like aaaahhh ! I was thinking if I paint enough figures something will come to me when I hit the shed ,I’ve even done a basic base .Now I’ve Brits with overcoats Brits with out Indians, blokes that are supposed to be Tennessee militia guy resembling Rodgers ranger ,probably nothing like the real thing but, I tell you mate it’s sure going to be fun !


    1. patmcf

      Are shit mate ! you are the first to know that I have for the first time lost the plot on this one ,all those guys painted and know idea what to do with them ,I got buggered by the weather in the Nthn hemisphere and all my original thinking was blown away when what I thought would be all green and soring like when it was actually bloody winter AAHHH !
      And then I got distracted guy all those women !! I would love to give the war gamming a go ,something to think about when I give up the daily toil in the near future eh!


    1. patmcf

      Sorry for the late reply Mike ,a bit slack aren’t. As I an old guy I still use the Humbrol and Revell paints although I have had a go at acrylic for the green on the Berdan Sharpe shooters .Three that come to mind are Revell 75 and Humbrol 145and 147 ,when I have painted them I give them a wash with 2parts Citadel shade Agrax earthshade and 1 part Citadel Nulm oil and when that’s dry I paint them with Humbrol clear matt no49 .I have tried the Revell clear matt but I find it still gives of a bit of a shiny finish,But I’m probably a bit fussy ,and thanks mate I’m glad you liked them ,cheers Pat .


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