The New Style, Fantasy Figures

Well now for something a bit different from my normal subjects, one I never thought I would get into, I suppose after two years of seeing all the amazing post by our group it’s no wonder that I was swayed into trying to do a fantasy figure dio .When I was given these I thought would just these rather attractive ladies running across some sand attacking an enemy of screen but after painting them and thinking about it I decided they needed an opposing foe so I went for the Dark Alliance warriors of the dead .Then I got a little a bit more excited and purchased a building ,if you could call it that ,I’m not sure what is involved with it but I’m leaving it at the moment so as to concentrate on the other tasks at hand .I not going to say what it is in case I stuff it up ,but when I proceed with it I’ll post something .

The bottle caps are only there for the photos and not fancy bases for gaming Ha Ha !

12 thoughts on “The New Style, Fantasy Figures

  1. theimperfectmodeller

    Well you have been busy Pat, no wonder it’s time to think about retiring! Staggering amount of figures you have managed to get done and will look forward to seeing you eventually get them all based. Like you I felt compelled to dip into the fantasy genre but I must say I did enjoy it and still do. That said I am still a cowboy at heart!

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Dave it just goes to show how long our winter has been and how weak I am! and the fantasy figures have aloud me to experiment a bit more with painting ,I especially liked the verdigris wash I was able o purchase and apply to the Heavy Warriors of the Dead certainly a bit more fun than my normal stuff.

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  2. Paul H

    I prefer the way you´ve painted the undead Warriors. The way they are sculpted lends them better to scruffy Looking worn and torn soldiery than the ghostly undead.

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  3. Marvin

    So many times I’ve been tempted to have a go at something like this, I know they produced a number of sets on Amazons and Dark Alliance troops. One day, I’ll go for it like you.

    Astonishing amount of high quality work that you’ve done, so many congratulations for that. That’s what I call a productive winter!

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks mate you are right about winter and my productivity I’ll have to stop complaining about it !
      They are really well made ,today I received the Amazon Modern set with some flash which wasn’t on the Amazons set 1 or the either of the Warriors of the dead sets .I have to say though set 1 is the one I like the best as they have that ancient Greek look .

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    1. patmcf

      These are a step in a different direction for me but I’m looking forward to doing something with them. The quantity I can only put down to a wet cold winter ,a good excuse to stay inside and paint !

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  4. Azazel

    Something quite different from you here Pat – and great to see as well! Not because boobies or fantasy, but it’s always nice to see people’s different takes on genres that they don’t usually do. What sort of setting do you have planned for these two forces?


    1. patmcf

      Yes mate I surprised myself it was only a chance gift that set me in this direction ,they are totally different from my norm and painting uniforms does get a little repetitive. I enjoyed the change so much i had to get some opposition and again that was fun painting them also ,The Dark Alliance figures are so well done.The terrain ,now one idear is a purchased one from Warhammer which is a bit of a secret and the other idea is a scratch built idea that I have been working on today ,both are still in the embryonic stage at the moment but will blossom as our weather warms up and I can move on out to the shed where all my real terrain work formulates in my tiny head !


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