Tiny House

Well my friends this is just a small experimental post to see if I’m able to fly alone. Some of you who have followed me for some time will know that I have only been able to accomplish this with a lot of help from my eldest daughter, the one I refer to as my Tech Adviser.  With mixed emotions that most parents feel, my wife, her younger sister and I have said goodbye as she has flown from the nest (well not really, she and her Uncle just chugged away down the street!).

About three years ago she set out to build a small building that is known as a Tiny House and finally she has done so. I have to say I’m pretty impressed but at the same time a little disappointed that she did not stick with my preferred scale of 1/72.  Oh well, one can only guide not dictate, and I think she said something about wanting a little more space.

Anyway I’m not going to bugger around any longer as it will take me all night to read her instructions!  I’m just posting a few of the photos of the Tiny House outside our place, so wish me well and I hope you all see a brilliant result!!!!   By the way, the Tiny House is now safely tucked into a shed at her Aunt and Uncle’s farm across the border in South Australia for completing the interior.

For those interested in her Tiny Home project, she has her own blog: @sixbytiny.com

19 thoughts on “Tiny House

  1. Dave Stone

    Flying free without your tech advisor, can be scary but you seem to have managed well.
    What an astounding project your daughter has been working on, will have to read the full article

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks mate, was a bit nervous but made it in the end ,there is a bit of a problem though! The Tech adviser is way behind on her blog and out in the country in South Australia with bad internet reception so I don’t think she is going to like it !

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  2. savageddt

    I guess it is a hard thing when the younguns fly the coop, we have no kids as of yet, but i believe you are going to be oke. If not, thanks to tech, she could always be reached for advice via any sort of media? Take care mate.

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  3. maenoferren22

    That is a very tiny house indeed. Good luck with the solo flying, surely you can pinch her room for more model space? I have threatened mine with hers becoming a 3D Printer lab. That is if I don’t hit it with an axe first… printer that is, not my daughter.

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks mate I’m going to post a few different things just to get it into this old brain, and there is no way I could live in a tiny house as I have trouble in a big one, as for taking over her room that would be risky as I already have the largest room for my modelling !!!


    1. patmcf

      I think you have to be the right kind of people to live in one and get on really well together as there is no storming of into another room Ha Ha !.One big plus is though if you don’t like the neighbours you just up and move !

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  4. Fiona

    Yo Pa!
    Thanks for the shout out- finally got my self some reliable internet, so I shall be getting my site up to date soon!
    Excellent work with the post, but I will just note you didn’t set a featured image- which I would recommend as the homepage looks a little inconsistent without it

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