Views From My Windows

Well after seeing the other folks’ exciting photos, I felt I should even up the score. I thought I’d show you some views from the back and front of our house that are very average, (please excuse the dirty windows).

The first two are taken looking out our lounge room window to the small backyard. The next one is from my modelling room.  Blotting out the light is a bay tree and an enormous old hamii bamboo and you can’t see the house behind us though it’s only twenty yards away.

The next four are from the same lounge room looking out onto the street. More bamboo, golden and black …yep, I do love my bamboo!

The last one is of the Dandenong ranges; if you look just above our neighbours’ roof you might see them!  Oh, I live on the eastern edge of the city of Melbourne with the population nearing the five million mark.


12 thoughts on “Views From My Windows

    1. patmcf

      Thanks mate It’s all this rain we are having at the moment ! When we moved down from QLD I surrounded the house in bamboo to give me the sense of tropical warmth , it isn’t working today 🥶

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