Dark Alliance Nomads Review

Well may you wonder why I’m posting these guys and not more on the Swamp? The reason is I found more Goblins and Elves from Dark Alliance that I did not realise existed due to the way they do their box art (same picture on each box, regardless of contents).  I suppose this is to keep costs down!  I already purchased a set I didn’t want, so be careful and check the set number before buying.

These are Nomads, Set 1, and are really well done, the details are excellent. These Dark Alliance folk are pumping out some fine work.  These ones are going up against some more of the Amazons in desert -like terrain which I’m working on at the moment in the shed but the weather’s turned against me today so I thought I’d stay indoors and paint and post.

I’m still gainfully employed and not suffering the lock down or the unemployment that many have had to deal with during this virus affair, so I won’t complain about not having enough modelling time.  To all of you keep well, and I hope to post something on the desert terrain next week .


20 thoughts on “Dark Alliance Nomads Review

  1. Dave Stone

    Great to hear your safe and well Pat, and you haven’t been effected by the current situation.
    The models look great and look forward to seeing the set up

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    1. patmcf

      Ah! cheers Paul I think that’s a first ! I had to force myself to go darker and I’m glad I did as they will contrast well with the brighter Amazon, well I hope so .I’m looking forward to seeing how you deal these as it me that’s always checking out your work for ideas!

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