How To Pin Figures

I thought I would do a quick post on how I pin my figures so I can move them around on the diorama until I find the right spot for them. Unlike most of you who are busily basing yours I remove mine and replace it with a small section of fine steel.

First I cut the base from the figure. I then use a pin drill to make a small hole to fit the wire into; the a drill needs to be slightly thinner than the wire so it is a snug fit.

Then I cut the wire off leaving no more than a ¼ “protruding, any more is a waste as the figures get a spot of superglue when they’re mounted onto the base.

To make it easier to paint, I then mount them on a plastic bottle top in which I drill a tiny hole for the pin to fit in and add a smidge of superglue (not too much as you need to run you knife around the pin to remove the figure from the bottle cap when painted .

Well that’s about it, quite simple really, but beware if you choose to try this method take care, as the wire entering one’s skin is quite painful!

12 thoughts on “How To Pin Figures

    1. patmcf

      The same way but if it is to fine I will leave a small section of the base and cut a small hole in the base to fit it and then glue it and put a smear fo plaster over it . But they are generally ok except I am having problems with the old Esci and Airfix ones as they are very spindly especially the ones that had little lugs on the hooves that fit into a base . I’m doing the old Red Lancer set at the moment and I feel I’m going to have fun 😡with them , I’ll let you know.

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  1. Mark A. Morin

    Very nice tutorial Pat! When I need to do drilling or cutting on something held in my left hand that could do a bit of damage – I also need to take care. My wife is a chef, and she had culinary cut gloves. Cheap and work like a charm.

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  2. patmcf

    That’s interesting that your beautiful wife is a chef , now we know why you are beautifully rounded 😂. I like your wife would only have what I call sharp knives of quality in ones kitchen as we know it the blunt ones that cause trouble , my farther killed a sheep every fortnight when I was young and on our farm (50’60’)and instilled in myself and my elder sisters that you had to have good steel , not the stuff that folk sell now with all that blurb abs out have great they are . You mate being a military man would know the difference as would your good wife between quality steel and cheap crap . My beautiful daughter that we can’t see at the moment because she is stuck over the border have me a hand made knife for the kitchen made buy a local lad ? She wont say how much it cost but what ever it was 150 500+ it’s worth it as your wife will know it’s worth it ! Sorry mate got to to go as I’m essential and soothing has happened ! Keep healthy mate !


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