Nomads Set No 2.

Well I thought I would slip this little one in mid-week as I said I would finish my desert diorama on the weekend. However, that didn’t work out as the mail has ground to a halt almost, as few planes are coming to Australia now, and for some strange reason the powers that be don’t think plastic model figures are essential!!

I had ordered these fellows to bulk out Set 1 but they seem to be stuck somewhere overseas. I did manage to find them though at a model shop that was open.  I told my good wife my dilemma and so she sneaked over and purchased them for an early present for my birthday on last Saturday.  It was my sixty fifth and I was to have 50

Odd friends over but it ended up being just my wife and younger daughter to share the celebration!  (Said party postponed to a later date.)  It was still a great day, and to top it off I had these little fellows to paint.

These ones are just as good as Set 1 and apart from the strange frames on some of the figures’ backs they mix in well. Note that I have slashed, boiled and twisted some of these so they are not a true representation of all the poses one receives in a set.  To view that you will have to check out Paul Bod’s site as he does a better job than I.  He is far more organised and professional than I when it comes to painting up sets.  I intended to paint them the same as Set 1 but somehow they got a bit more attention (could have been the rum) and ended up a little more colourful and ornate than I had intended, but on the whole I was happy with the result.

Now maybe, just maybe, I’ll get this one done and posted this weekend. Meanwhile, pop over to Dave, the Imperfect Modeller’s site and if you haven’t already, take a look at his OMG diorama, truly worthwhile!

26 thoughts on “Nomads Set No 2.

  1. theimperfectmodeller

    Many happy returns Pat and I hope it isn’t too long before you get to have the big celebration which you deserve. I reckon scratch building will make a big come back if the planes don’t start flying again soon. It is becoming noticeable on some of the sites I purchase from that stocks are running down. Hence buying a couple of moulds recently. Nice work on the figures and I do love that you go to the trouble to make each one a little different, it does pay in the end. Appreciate the shout out too. All the best to you and yours and stay safe mate.

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  2. Dave Stone

    Belated Happy Birthday Pat, shame about the party, but at least you have that to look forward to when this crisis ends, must have been good still with your daughter and wife being there, and cool bonus extra plastic models to play with, they look excellent and look forward to seeing the diorama when finished

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  3. Ann

    I’ve noticed this strange behavior/attitude about plastic models and such not being “essential” in my attempt to obtain some Vallejo paints so I can do some late German camouflage action on an Etsy bugbear I’m currently painting. Shockingly provincial to say the least!

    On a related note at least the liquor stores where I live are open and considered essential. I walked by the liquor store, which is the next store over from the grocery store, where I was headed, and a guy walks out with a bottle of Jack Daniels in each hand, laughing, and looks at me and says, “Hey, Lysol Lady, you wanna party?” I wasn’t sure why he called me that. Probably something to do with my my gloves, masks, portable Gellar Field, can of Lysol in my pocket and hand sanitizer in my other pocket, and bo staff that I traditionally carry to enforce social distancing (especially from angry Siberian Huskies … don’t ask) when I’m hiking.

    So instead of doing what he expected, which I imagine was to say nothing and keep walking or seem offended, I told him that I would love to party with him and his JD but he’d have to undergo certain disinfection protocols first, involving using heat lamps to burn off the top two layers of skin, etc. etc. (the old movie, Andromedra Strain being my inspiration) before I would find it safe to do so. After about a minute of his, I guess I killed his mood/vibe and he sort of just wandered off. Too bad. Like I said, would have loved to party, but I see that I’m firmly off topic now to the point where I have to reread things to see what I was trying to talk about here.

    Models. Well done getting a nice start on your large group of nomads and I hope you had a nice birthday. While it wasn’t the huge, planned bash it might have been, it does sound convivial celebrating with your nearest and dearest.

    You know, I’ve been re-reading some of the old Conan books, by accessing them on the Internet Archive site, and these guys immediately made me think of some of the nomadic desert folk like the Zuagir, who really seemed to get around.

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    1. patmcf

      Brilliant way to deal with a party boy mate ! and yep I’m rereader to ,ha! The nomads are great and I hope they work with the Amazons. I’m a great believer in buying things when you can ,especially if they are really good, this is because if they are great they will stop making them!! just call me old and cynical !thanks I had a great birthday thanks to the girls ,its funny how women always want to make things special and put in so much effort, I’m the only male at my work and the trouble they girls go to make an occasion special is mind boggling !!I’d be interested to hear IRO thoughts on that one. Now that you mention Conan<I feel I have him somewhere, I must find him and pop him on a dio in the near future. Take care and watch out for JB party animal, he might be still lurking in your neighbourhood!!!

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  4. Marvin

    A belated Happy Birthday! Another triumph from your brush, so that’s something to celebrate too. I do like these lotr inspired figures a lot and you seem to be getting the best out of them too.

    Just my opinion, but I suggest to the powers that be that they consider prioritising plastic models as soon as lock down is lifted…

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Marvin , funny you should mention shipping models , one of my suppliers of figures just informed me about that my self order was sent back to him saying they wouldn’t let it into Australia due to the virus , weird or what! So the puts the Swamp dio on hold for a while!!

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  5. Azazel

    Happy (belated, once again) birthday Pat! I think what we have to understand here is that toy soliders and models just aren’t as essential as Jigsaw Puzzles!
    The models you’ve got here are definitely Not-Haradrim from Not-Games Workshop 😀
    I’ve got a bunch in 28mm myself, but I know I have no chance of getting them done with anything even vaguely approaching the speed and efficiancy you’ve done all of yours in! Very impressed!

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks mate I had a good one under the circumstances, heh those guys have an uncanny resemblance to the Dark Alliance guys ! As for the speed of getting mine done it really comes down to avoiding chores on the weekend !😉and the other major thing is I haven’t watched TV since 2014 !😳when asked why I just have say that I don’t have time !Ha Ha !

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