Italeri French Heavy Cavalry

Well just an update on this week’s work. I have had this set of Italeri French Heavy Cavalry sitting around as long as the Red Lancers which I have only just painted, I hadn’t even unboxed them!   Well these Carabiniers are my favourite French Cavalry so I must have put more effort into them as they have come up a treat, or maybe it’s the fine work of the sculptor who produced them.  They are perfect for what I have in mind and they fit in nicely with the Zvezda French Cuirassiers.  Being very close in quality, this does make them easier to paint as the detail really stands out.

There are only fourteen figures as I have misplaced a horse so the trumpeter missed out on the photo shoot but may still get a position on the finished diorama.

As I’m still a working man, I haven’t gained any extra modelling time but that may change as soon as the effects of this virus has had on the economy kicks in. I trust you are all keeping safe, and all going

well.  I’ll have the other guys up next weekend.


27 thoughts on “Italeri French Heavy Cavalry

    1. patmcf

      Thanks mate but I can do this as its like painting by numbers or pumping stuff out on the production line ,not like you guys that have to work on special details to get a great result.

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  1. theimperfectmodeller

    I must say Pat the figure quality is excellent but it counts for little if they are not painted well too and you have clealry done a great job on these chaps. Looking forward to the next batch and seeing them based in due course. Great stuff.

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    1. patmcf

      No mate , the trumpeter is still wirlth is ,it’s the horse 🐎 that’s run away, I just recon that the trumpeter set him loose as he has an allergy to animal fur and didn’t want to be on my dio!!

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  2. Marvin

    Who doesn’t love this set? A great regiment and really nicely sculpted. I think great sets like this do inspire our best work and your brush has clearly appreciated these figs 🙂

    Keep up with the cavalry charges!

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  3. Wudugast

    Nice work on those, it always impresses me to see real detail brought out at that scale (and before you say it that’s as much down to the painter as it is the sculptor). Hope the trumpeter finds his horse, it’ll be embarrassing for him if he has to run along behind the others on foot (and it’ll probably play hell with his trumpet playing as well!).

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      1. Wudugast

        True but a great model badly painted still looks duff, and a bad model well painted can look excellent. The sculptors do the ground work but someone still has to move the brush 🙂

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