Italeri French Heavy Cavalry

Well just an update on this week’s work. I have had this set of Italeri French Heavy Cavalry sitting around as long as the Red Lancers which I have only just painted, I hadn’t even unboxed them!   Well these Carabiniers are my favourite French Cavalry so I must have put more effort into them as […]

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Polish -Dutch Lancers

Well it’s just a short post on a few totally neglected figures I started painting in 2013 when I started out. I can’t remember why I stopped; I think I got distracted by the medieval village diorama which took a long time to build so they were just pushed aside … what’s that Marvin?  My […]

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Euro/Arabic Fantasy

Size: 40 x 67cm (15″ x 26″)

Again, the reason for this diorama was another Christmas present, this time an African house. Great, but what to do with it? Well for some strange reason I had taken a liking to the uniforms worn by the Imex American infantry guys from the Mexican/American War but didn’t know what to do with them. I did what any sane person would do, put it off and waited for a better moment.

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