The Swamp

11”x 15”(39cmx29cm) 2lbs 6oz (1kg)

Well here we are folks, finally I have finished the swamp diorama, after a hold up getting the last of the Elves I required, the ones I called the angry Elves! They are the 2nd set of Elves and work well with set No 1.  This is also true with the two sets of Goblin Warriors I have attacking the Elves, all four are from Dark Alliance. I have also used a few Elves from the Caesar range for a bit of variety and although a little shorter in height they seem to mix in ok.

The trees are again the wire trees I have used in the past but I have used wet cotton wool for the moss hanging from some of the trees along the edge of the swamp. The base is made up of foam board and Styro foam again with a thin covering of plaster that’s painted and covered with static grass. The bridge and landing are just roughed up matches and for the water I have Woodlands Scenic Realistic Water.

13 thoughts on “The Swamp

  1. theimperfectmodeller

    Wow Patk where to start? Very different for you but I’m guessing you enjoyed your dip into the world of fantasy. Trees look great and I like the use of the cotton wool. The water looks very good too but you can’t go far wrong with the Woodlands Scenics stuff, I use that myself and think it’s great. Excellent well painted figures too just as I have come to expect. Terrific diorama all round mate. Just wondering what and where you plan to go with the next one.

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Dave it was certainly a lot of fun ,plenty of licence doing these fantasy dio’s which makes for a more relaxed project. I do have another fantasy project in mind but first I have to finish the Waterloo charge one, all the cavalry are done along with some Britt’s for a part square and now its onto some artillery, so hopefully it wont to long before I get that one up.

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  2. Dave Stone

    Excellent work Pat, so much to see all throughout the diorama, probably going to take me a good couple of hours to study all the pictures

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks mate , ah storage ! Well I was given a large room in our house by my generous family and the set it up with racking but that soon filled up so now I’m limiting the size of them to these small ones like the one you you have just commented on. I am starting to box them up so they will be safe to move when we move upcountry to Castlemaine next year! It will take me that long 😄🤣😂.


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