The Swamp

11”x 15”(39cmx29cm) 2lbs 6oz (1kg) Well here we are folks, finally I have finished the swamp diorama, after a hold up getting the last of the Elves I required, the ones I called the angry Elves! They are the 2nd set of Elves and work well with set No 1.  This is also true with […]

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Part Three: Medieval Castle, Bathing Women

Well here we are, the add-on I was talking about on my last blog. I had some of the Valdemar bath figures left after only using a few on the retreat from Corunna diorama and it came to me that what could I do with them when I read somewhere that contrary to belief, the […]

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Euro/Arabic Fantasy

Size: 40 x 67cm (15″ x 26″)

Again, the reason for this diorama was another Christmas present, this time an African house. Great, but what to do with it? Well for some strange reason I had taken a liking to the uniforms worn by the Imex American infantry guys from the Mexican/American War but didn’t know what to do with them. I did what any sane person would do, put it off and waited for a better moment.

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