Desert Diorama Update

Well I’m not sure after the big move where I was up to on here with the figure painting, I’m certain I did manage to get some more done back in the old house surrounded with cartons but just in case I didn’t upload them here, (and to get back into the swing of posting), I have taken a few more shots with my new back yard as the backdrop instead of that wretched hessian!

As I may have said, the main lot of our furniture and all the other gear is due this Thursday, which is when I will get all my old dioramas back, so it’s going to take me a while to sort that out before I can start on this one.

Oh! I forgot, as you see the opposing forces are a bit lop sided so I have decided to paint some more Egyptian. I do have some different ones from Caesar but I have found some very interesting folk that I had to buy, we will have to wait and see what they look like.

Anyway the sheds starting to resemble a space one would wish to model in, so that’s a plus, I trust you are all keeping well and just to let you know I am trying to work back through posts, Cheers Pat!

25 thoughts on “Desert Diorama Update

  1. Kuribo

    The pictures look great and you are a madman! I don’t know how you paint so many of those minis in what appear to be batches. The repetition in paint schemes would drive me crazy. I can’t wait to see more of this diorama. I have a feeling it is going to look fantastic!

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks mate 🤓My wife says I can just sit there and do the repetitive painting because I’m simple , bloody cruel eh😉. I’m getting the bases at the end of the week ( they were in storage with all our other stuff) so hopefully I can start working on them .

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  2. ratrampant

    The scale at which you paint is amazing. What’s your process? Do you do things in batches of colors, finish groups of figures at a time? I’ve always struggled to turn out anywhere near this many figures at a time.

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks matey ,I mainly do them in groups of around twelve , and then it’s one colour at a time, normally it clothes,skin, any wood then metals for weapons and then last of all I will touch up any individuals to make them a little different. I find doing them in small batches gives me the feeling I have achieved something.
      I hope that may help, and maybe it’s the sheer number of figures I have painted over the years has helped, I did six hundred for the ACW dio😳😉that certainly gave me some practice 😅😅😅


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