More Egyptians

I just painted up these fellows that just arrived yesterday and as it’s a fine day 26degree Celsius I thought I would get in some posting practice before I take TA back to Sth Australia, she has to go back and finish the house. We would have struggled without her and as the furniture arrives tomorrow and I’ll be back to arranging things so expect another hiatus in my posts!!

I’m trying out some new backgrounds so bear with, me they may be crap photos but I’m sure you will get the drift of what the figures look like; I don’t need a light box up here!

These figures are from Caesar and are the Egyptian Sherden the Royal guard, but I’ll just bung them in with the rest of the mob.

I have to say listening to IRO’s podcasts as I paint really makes the time go bye, thanks mate I’m only up to number thirteen so I have plenty up my sleeve! keep up the good work.

22 thoughts on “More Egyptians

  1. theimperfectmodeller

    Very nice Pat, the outside shots are looking great, I really must do that more often myself. I do like those shields. Good luck getting your furniture and getting even more settled. Have a safe trip with TA and say hi to her from me. 🙂

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Dave,all the rest of our stuff arrived today and we cant believe we had packed so much stuff ! its has been three months an we have lived such a spartan life and got so used to it! just goes to show some of us burden ourselves with so much crap!!!

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    1. patmcf

      Hey mate I think its you that’s my driving force! Ha! Ha! Thanks mate i am getting excited but as it going to be a big one(hopefully) I have to get everything painted, Eh forgot the two ships and the temple! shit why didn’t the bloody painting fairies do those bits while the whole shit and caboodle was in storage, bloody disappointing ! I will try to do more post on the progress my friend as now i have retired I have no excuses.

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      1. Kuribo

        Haha, well I’m glad to hear that I’m pushing you towards hobby progress 😀 And since you’re retired, you’ve got no excuse not to bang out those ships and temples!

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      2. patmcf

        Yeah mate no excuses apart from the wife wanting this and that done to make things all cosy ! It’s a shame I have to go to the shed to get some picture hooks only to return an hour later ! Sorry got distracted setting up the modelling site! 😉😅😅😅

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