Dark Alliance Figures

Well today I finished off painting a new set from Dark Alliance; Minotaur’s set no 047.  They are a little taller than the normal 1/72 scale, roughly 30mm high, that’s to the top of their heads not the horns.  An interesting group that I hope to incorporate in the upcoming show, I’m only waiting on one more set and I’m done with figures.  Then it’s down to work on the bases.  I have shown 18 figures but there are only 8 poses x 32 sprues which gives you 32 figs.  The extras are ones I have boiled and twisted into different poses.

I had the bases made and the caps fitted last year but unfortunately one of them somehow got wet in storage and was totally buggered!  It wasn’t a problem in the end as I felt they were a little small anyway so I made some new ones.  That was a bit of a setback but the whole thing is one big setback!  Well that’s it from me,

Keep well my friends.

28 thoughts on “Dark Alliance Figures

  1. Guru PIG

    Looking great. Good to see such a variety of “historical” figures! Yes historical! Because Isn’t the only reason they are not around today because the dastardly Theseus was not an environmentalist.

    He deliberately and willfully went into the poor minotaurs home with the help of his “squeeze”, Ariadne, and a ball of string to make the poor minotaurs extinct. At least he received is cumuppence when he mixed up the colour of his sails when he was returning home!

    Love the work,

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks M.B. hopefully I will have a result some time this year! Oh how far have I strayed from my original idea to only do dioramas from the ECW tot the ACW periods, I never though I never thought I would get involved in fantasy ones , but they are fun and painting the figures is more fun than just your usual run of the mill military lads.

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks mate,I have spent the afternoon working on the bases ( it’s going to be on two bases, to big to fit on one) so if the weather holds I might get it finished before winter!

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  2. Marvin

    Wow – these are really nice, pat. I’ve really enjoyed your previous Dark Alliance stuff too. I suppose that being 30mm is fine being as they are imposing bull / men hybrids?

    I too am greatly intrigued with your plans for these as I guess you can be as creative as you like with this lot!

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks mate! you are right about their height,i feel that will work well if the design I have in my head goes to plan. Gee they keep coming up with some great stuff!
      The more I try to get back to my original Nappy stuff , I seem to be drifting further away!!!

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  3. Kuribo

    Its awesome to see you take on something from the fantasy genre, Pat! Even more importantly, good on you for sticking with this lot as it sounds like the water might have put others off. Like others have said, I’m excited to see what you do with these 😀

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks mate, I have to admit I like IRO do get tempted to drop the old and pick up the new but I said to myself that I have to learn to finish things I start ,unless they are really crap! I have worked out the bases and have got my plan in the old head so I will be working on these in the next few days,so hopefully we might see a result before winter! Fingers crossed! HA HA . Oh and have you and the clan backing me makes all the difference , thank mate!

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      1. Kuribo

        Variety is the spice of life as they say and I think starting new thing is better than doing the same stuff over and over again, if you know what I mean. We’ll be looking forward to seeing where you go next with those minotaurs 🙂

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      2. patmcf

        It is mate but sometimes I feel I’m looking for to much😉. I have been working on the bases today so things are looking ok so fingers crossed. I’m pretty certain the Minotaur will score a bit part in the show now that I have made a place for them 🤓

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