Orc Update

Well as you know I’m painting up an Orc army of sorts and as some of you also know Fantasy isn’t my forte so you will forgive me if I serve up a mixed bag of them.  Last post was some Dark Alliance fellows, this lot are from Caesar Miniatures and are quite different in appearance as you will note. One thing is they are taller, anywhere from 20 to 25mm, whereas the Dark Alliance ones average around 18 to 20mm.  They also differ when it comes to attire; these fine fellows wear no armour just the odd shield.  They are well sculptured and I feel that they will blend in with all the rest down the track.  Again I am experimenting with flesh colours so there will be quite a bit of variety in the end I feel!

On another note you will have noticed I have gotten behind in replying to your posts, I have been absent for a week as I had to drive a hire truck down to the house my sisters and I had at Mallacoota where some might remember there were terrible fires last Christmas.  We were lucky the house didn’t get destroyed and were able to let some folk who lost theirs make use of it.  Then the Covid came and put everything on hold and we were only able to sell it recently.  When one of my sisters asked that I drive down and clear it out I nearly cried!  I had just gotten over our move!  It’s a nine hour drive from here!!! a nice drive though, and it was good to catch up with two of the sisters.  One of them lives in Queensland and I hadn’t seen her for eighteen months.  Sorry for rabbiting on!  I said this was going to be a short up date, but

that’s something I find hard to do as you well know! Keep safe!

27 thoughts on “Orc Update

  1. Dave Stone

    Great additional Orcs Pat, with Orc’s a rag tag feel doesn’t feel wrong, and is like the “Lord of the Rings” approach in the movies.
    Sorry to hear about the long drive, but as you say you got to catch up with your sisters, so that was a good thing

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Dave , been doing a lot of driving this year 🤔it’s one thing that I enjoy 🤓and it was a bit of fun with the girls . I’m not certain how this one will end as I have a few ideas🧐.

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  2. Kuribo

    9 hours of driving and helping someone move will take it out of anyone! The orcs look very nice and I like how you went with lighter skin tons instead of the typical greenish colors. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this diorama. It seems like its got your creativity going!

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks mate,It’s lucky I like driving 😉and I’m glad you like my spin on the Orcs, green didn’t appeal to me for some reason, probably because I first saw then in the film 🤔

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  3. Wudugast

    Nice work on the orcs there. Orcs I reckon, like people, come in all shapes and sizes. This rag-tag horde is going to look great. Glad to hear the move went well, now away and put your feet up – you’ve earned it. 🙂

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  4. John@justneedsvarnish

    An orc’s an orc as far as I’m concerned and I’m sure they come in all shapes, sizes and colours, just like people! 🙂 I like the latest ones! I can sympathise with you on the driving at least, although a seven-hour drive is the longest I’ve ever had to do!

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks John they will be a motley crew by the time I have finished, the Caesar one are pretty neat and have the better detail. Your seven hours would have taken you the length of the UK🤔🤓

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  5. Mark A. Morin

    Hey Pat I’m very much fonder of the painting approach you’ve taken here with the Orcs. So many gamers only know the GW greenskins approach and that is their marketing on “orks” versus “orcs”. I am much more in tune with what you’ve done. And not for nothing they allow great! Sorry about the long ride, taken many here in the US over the years. Longest one was 1,500 miles straight from Mississippi to Massachusetts in a rental Uhaul truck!

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  6. Ann

    Always good to see more orcs, it isn’t like one can have too many (or even enough!) after all. Glad your long trip enough up being good, even though it was a long drive and a pretty tough situation with the fires and so forth.

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    1. patmcf

      Your right the more Orcs the better I think as they are better suited to crowded conditions as they seem like rowdy fellows to me . Hopefully any more trips in the future will be adventure ones but at the moment it’s a bit dicky what with our states closing borders all the time .

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      1. Ann

        Yes, I think you are right and they get lonely if there aren’t a lot of them around, so in such cases they wander off to find more of their friends. That has been my experience thus far with my good friends the orks.

        I hope you get to have some fun traveling adventures too. 🙂

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      2. patmcf

        Thanks Ann we are already planning some small adventures, the first is back to the city to see our youngest, she wants us to see her new abode as we haven’t been able to this year!
        Oh on the orcs side I have realized I need some more !!! not enough to fill the base.

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      3. Ann

        That is nice you have some trips planned. I hope you have fun and I’ll look forward to seeing some pictures and such.

        I was looking at this one crater (I forget the name of it) in northwestern Australia. It looks pretty interesting so I did a search for other craters and found that there are a ton of them–one could have quite a wilderness adventure Crater Vacation will one were both well-coined and intrepid.

        Oh good, we get to see more orcs; never get tired of seeing more of those worthy fellows. 🙂

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      4. patmcf

        I just did an orc count Ann and its up to 372 😳I think that will be ample🤔. Your right on the crater front as w do have a few but most are a long way away and as we are still prone to state border closures that can be put in place it’s not wise to cross them as you may not be allowed to return to your home and that’s a big problem. So fro now it will be within our state , but next week if the virus behaves we will visit the old city and visit some friends.


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