Elves, Set No 3

Well surprise, I have just received the last of the Orcs, the Caesar Orc Warriors set 2, an interesting set that you will see when I have painted them.  Anyway I have been painting a few Elves that will be appearing somewhere on the next show but I have an idea in mind after I saw a fantastic wall Dave (The Imperfect Modeller ) made for one of his recent mini’s.  It won’t be anywhere near his standard but I still wish to try!!

Ok these guys are from the Dark Alliance and are their third set (All72006).  Of the three, they are the best quality but hopefully when put with the second set this won’t be too obvious.  Again the poses are pretty good and some can be easily changed with the boil trick.  There are 40 figures, 10 poses on 4 sprues.

A bit of news for those that know the tech adviser, tiny house is now ready to be towed back to our property very soon.  I’m driving over tomorrow to pick her up and the house will follow soon after, all going well.  I’ll post some shots of it for those that don’t follow her but may be curious to see what a Tiny house is.   Until then keep fit!

18 thoughts on “Elves, Set No 3

  1. Dave Stone

    Great work on the Elves Pat, like the colour choices you’ve gone with.
    Good to hear the Tech advisor is safe and well and on her way. Safe Journey

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  2. theimperfectmodeller

    These really are fine figures Pat and I’m looking forward to seeing your new Orcs in due course. Intrigued to see what you have planned after seeing my little wall. Your spin on it will be excellent I’m sure. Say hi to Fiona. She mentioned she was moving back with you so hope it all goes well. Exciting times for you all! 🙂

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Dave I have had a few more ideas that I feel will work 🤔. I have just arrived at the farm to pick up Fi and we go back to Castlemaine in the morning, hopefully the house will follow the next day🤓.

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