135 Horses

Well as you know I have been painting up some horses and I finally finished them last week but due to a rainy week I have been unable to get any photos. This morning though, a ray of sunshine peeped through before another onset of rain for the day so I was able to take a few photos. It was a bastard setting them up in the cold worrying about the sun fading!!

There are 135 horses which I feel is enough for the job.  I have to say now that it is to be another two part diorama and the half prepared base is for the horses only and is shown in the last photo. I’m now halfway through the riders and should have them done quite soon, I have to say that being retired certainly speeds up the painting process, and of course the rain we have had helps as well.

A quick report on the Tiny House! It’s not going to arrive soon as a new virus break out has closed the borders for some time to come.

Keep well, Cheers Pat.

(Missed some eyes, I’ll have to sort out these rascals and give them some!)

31 thoughts on “135 Horses

  1. theimperfectmodeller

    Blimey Pat that’s one heck of a lot of horses! My patience would never have seen me get that lot done that’s for sure. A really impressive bit of work and with each one looking different too. Looking forward to seeing how this one shapes up. Heard about your border closures, hope things settle down again soon. All the best mate to you and yours. 🙂

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Dave I have to say some credit for getting so many painted is down to you talking about acrylics, I being an old codger have been so reluctant to change over, IRO had me using a few but that was about it . When I moved here I stumbled on a shop selling a great variety of paints and It came to me that was how you achieved such a grand colour variation 😃. Thanks mate I’m probably the last convert and I wouldn’t go back as it’s so much easier , no thinners and fumes quick dab in the water and away with the next colour , so smart !so thanks to you and a few others I’m now a speed painter 😃sorry speed only, still a sloppy one 😂😂😂.

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      1. patmcf

        No mate I couldn’t unless for a special reason , the colours come in a far better selection and it’s so easy to change colours , a quick dip in the water and of one goes 😃even Fi is swayed and together we are building up a great swath of colours , fortunately we have a great women in town that stocks them along with fantasy models .

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  2. Dave Stone

    Excellent work on so many horses Pat, that is some serious dedication to paint that many. Welcome to the world of acrylics as well, and a lot less fumes !
    Sorry to hear about the tiny house, but hope you can retrieve it soon, but good that your daughter is already up with you

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Dave it is good to have her with us , only if it’s if handy having the Tech Adviser in residence 😅😅. I can’t believe I didn’t see sense with the use of acrylics, maybe as you mentioned I was addicted to all those fumes 😂😂.

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  3. John@justneedsvarnish

    Pat, in one fell swoop, you now have more horses in this scale than I’ve managed to paint over 30 years (I went and counted mine a while ago – I need to get out more)! 🙂 These look really good! Fortunately I’m not competitive so do not feel that I need to go and paint more horses (which you know I hate doing)!

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks John , your right in the fact I had to hard and fast as like yourself they aren’t my favourite things to paint , luckily I could vary them not like the French cavalry they wore me down🥵. I feel that will be the end of massed horses from now on as there isn’t any more storage room in the shed 🤔.

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Wuda , I been told by Fi that I have been spoiling her to much on her absence, so much so she is on a diet and isn’t very happy with me. It will be interesting to see if she moves into the tiny house or stays with pampering Pat😉.

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  4. Kuribo

    Many people say that painting mounted units is the most annoying part of painting for wargaming but to paint that many horses would surely drive most people mad! Good on you for getting so many of them done in short order. If there is any silver lining in the lockdown, it certainly has to be your productivity! 😀

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Mark, I have nearly finished the riders now so hopefully it will stop raining soon and I can get out to the shed and start putting it all together! The Lock down is a real bother as I’m out in the country and have plenty to do around the property !

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