Elf Mini

Well today I hoped to get the last of the massed dioramas posted but just when you want an overcast sky you get bright sunshine! So I’ll just show you all something I have been working on now that I’m downsizing. I found these glass containers in town and as they were so cheap I purchased some to try out some minis.  I turned them upside-down so as to use the lid as a base, I then shaped some shale that’s all over the place here and just stained the lot with Nulm and Earth shade.

As I had lots of Elves left over I decided to stick some on the rock and added some green wash along with some fine bright green turf and there we have it!  

25 thoughts on “Elf Mini

      1. patmcf

        Shit mate i do feel for you, when we were let out this week we went straight into Bendigo and emptied Bunnings , oh ! Just in case 🤔, Fi was over joyed as she needed stuff we can’t get locally 😃.

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  1. Kuribo

    This is a great idea for a diorama and the glass case is a cool way to display your work. Going this route to save space might not only be wise but let you do lots of different types of dioramas/scenes which sounds good to me! 🙂

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