WWI Update

Hello my friends I’m back from our holiday and I have to say it was well worth getting away from the block and all the chores that go with having such a large property.  We have finally received some decent rain which means it’s back to grass cutting and that ever present task of weeding which fortunately my wife likes doing.  We have had a bumper crop of tomatoes so I have been busy drying them and making relish, the excess has been handed out to the neighbours along with the apples that are now in season. It’s not all one way though.  We are well kept with eggs and other goodies from them so it’s a great little community we have here.  There is no way we could move back to the city now!

On the modelling side, things have come to a standstill. I still have the decoupages to finish although I must admit the enthusiasm is at an all-time low!!  I have managed to paint up a few figures for the WWI show and have made three of the tiny model vehicles after much swearing because of the brittle plastic and vague instructions! I did some work on the base yesterday so I should have something to show in the near future.

I will try to have a peek at what you have all been up to.  I have fallen well behind as I tend to cut myself off from most things while I’m on holiday.  Until next time keep well!

31 thoughts on “WWI Update

  1. theimperfectmodeller

    Good to know that you’re back Pat and that your time away went well. There is often a price to pay for a long holiday and sorting out the garden is typically one. Nice work on the figures and looking forward to seeing what comes next now that you are back. 🙂

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    1. patmcf

      Thank John we had a great time 😃, I was hoping to use the old AIRFIX WWIBrits , an old favourite of mine but when the Strelets Turks arrived I hat to then go for the Hat ones . It was lucky I got them in good time before my enthusiasm died😅😅😅.

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      1. patmcf

        John I just checked out where I got the early brits and it from a mob that lists model and figure available ,they are(1/72 depot scale model database.). i use them a lot if i cant find anything local.


  2. Dave Stone

    Great that you had a good break Pat, the progress you have made looks excellent, and can understand how the garden can take up so much of your time, still trying to get mine to a point where I’m happy, and it’s been almost 3 years now, must be time to pull out the chainsaw again ! LOL

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Dave , we have just had our one year anniversary of being here so I’ll take comfort that I still have two more before I should start to worry 😅😅. The break a much needed thing for both of us we hadn’t one since 2018😳.

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    1. patmcf

      I bet you are mate , i was surprised how beneficial a break could be 🤔, and thanks mate I hope to have this little one done soon as everything is made and painted ready for the fun part . Oh I have bored an idea from one of yours , no hints 😉.

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  3. rantingsfromunder

    Hi Pat, progress is progress as they say, though it’s your hobby (or hobbies) so do the one that you fancy at the time mate.

    I too hate vague instructions, with model kits, and in this day and age there is no excuse for them either. Lovely work on the figures so far by the way.😀

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. patmcf

      The one thing I must do Roger is stay with the one I’m doing and not think of what I’ll do with the next one 😅😅. I have some very old Airfix model plane instructions and compared them with the Roden ones I have just made and they strangely enough are very similar 🤔then I compared the vehicle ones and I have to say new RPM ones would be ok if ones a mechanic, an ability I distinctly lack 😉.


  4. Ann

    I’m glad that you enjoyed your vacation and that your agricultural efforts have come to fruit, as it were. I’m also glad that you made some progress with your miniatures, even if you aren’t into it right now. I tend to cut myself off from things, including as much technology as possible, when I’m on vacation.

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  5. Kuribo

    Glad to see that you’re doing well, Pat. A vacation rarely hurt anybody too 🙂 The minis look great and I look forward to seeing more of the diorama when you get around to it!

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  6. Wudugast

    You’re speaking my language there with all your home grown food. We’re in town these days and forced to rely on the shops (not exactly a comfortable position in this day and age eh!) but I grew up with lots of home grown food and I’m determined that the next place we live will have a garden. Glad you enjoyed your holiday and despite your claims to the contrary the diorama appears to be progressing well. 🙂

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks mate !just a bit of advice for when you get a garden make sure it is well within your control, we are on just short of an acre and sometimes we feel that the garden is running us 🧐🥵😅😅😅

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