I’m Back With A few More Mini’s

Well my fellow modellers I’m kind of back on deck.  You have probably wondered what I have been doing these last months.  Well most of the time has been spent mowing grass or working on planting and harvesting.  I had a great result with the garlic this season and I’m sure it will see us well into the New Year.  Speaking of good harvests, I don’t think we will miss broad beans in our diet for some time as we ended up with 12 kilos!  The potatoes will be the next, it’s looking like I got a bit carried away with the number planted!  But in my opinion you can never have too many spuds. For those of you not in Australia we have had a lot of flooding here and there has been a lot of sad stories of the destruction across the land so we consider ourselves very fortunate to have sustained very little damage to our property.

Along with the maintenance of the property we have had our city daughter up for a lengthy holiday and then following her, one of my sisters from Queensland stayed for a week.  Prior to Covid, we had organized a few family reunions back in Melbourne but they were limited due to our small back yard.  We have just made up for the delay by having one up here on the block. It was a great success with around sixty odd people turning up for the event, the ages varying from a few months to the grand old age of ninety six (my last living Auntie) and we even had a cousin from Connecticut USA who just happened to be in Australia!! They are a great mob and we will be hosting it again.

Well you may have thought with all that I wouldn’t have had much time to do much modelling and you are right!  Recently though, I have been doing some painting of figures and have managed to make some new style bases but I can’t see too much being achieved too soon as the cold summer we are experiencing is not helping me.  I don’t like working in the shed for long when it’s cold.  A long hot summer is a rarity these days!

What I’m showing is some little works I managed to do indoors some time back.   Following along the lines of reusing instead of recycling, the plinths vary from salmon/tuna tins to large plastic caps of jars filled with gravel and plaster with a thick spray of paint. Some years back I visited a store that IRO recommended and picked up some neat bases.  You will see I have used a couple of them as well.

The other two squarish ones were inspired by our mate Kuribo who did a fantastic mini some time back that I felt was up there with the our award winning champion modeller The Imperfect Modeller’s work.  While I’m at it, thanks to you all as I have picked up some neat little ideas from all of you generous folk.

Well the secret I was looking for was how to make a similar base like the one Kuribo made for his knight, then I thought of using a small waxed cardboard milk carton with some plaster of pairs and a few pieces of shale from the garden, I felt it turned out OK for the small amount of effort I put in, just call me Mr Average! Ha Ha!

Well I have again rabbited on long enough to bore you all so I will sign off!  I will try and check out what marvellous things you have achieved, but as it coming up to the silly season I might be a little pushed! I can’t see myself posting before Christmas so I will wish you all the best and maybe I’ll have some new and exciting projects to post in the New Year! Cheers Pat!

25 thoughts on “I’m Back With A few More Mini’s

  1. theimperfectmodeller

    Very neat Pat. The bases and figures look excellent. Glad you and the family are fine and that reunion sounds like it was fun. If we held one it could take place in a phone box! 🤣 Have a great Christmas and New Year and wish Fiona all the best too.

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Dave it has been a bit of a break but I’m refreshed and ready to get back into the hobby with some fresh ideas, it was great having the younger generation up with all there little kids able to roam the paddock 😅👍🏻. Take care mate and have a great family Christmas and kindest regards to the family. PS Fi is always in her element as there is one thing she loves it’s Christmas and the decorations that go with it 😅😅.
      Our tree is very sparse compared with with when the girls decorate them !( they always wanted to decorate an adopted one )🤔.

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks matey 🤓it’s good to be back and checking out what you fine modellers have been up to 🤔. I have to say these little ones are a lot of fun, I am so looking forward to getting some more done soon as I have missed doing them , cheers mate and you and the wife and the little folk have a great Xmas also ! Oh Our Terry wishes yours a great time to , he has just turned ninety 😳. No lie 🤓👍🏻

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  2. Dave Stone

    Wonderful little mini dio’s Pat, they really look the part and great use of the different types of bases as well. Sounds like you had a great crop, and the family reunion sounds like it was fun.

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  3. Kuribo

    That sounds like a bumper crop to me and I’m glad you got to spend time with family too. I’m really glad to hear that some of us have inspired you and I love these latest projects. Using some verticality really brings the scene to life, mate! You have a knack for fantasy sculpts and I hope you’ll keep working on more in the future as inspiration strikes!

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    1. patmcf

      It was a tremendous success and thus We intend to hopefully host the family event again next year 😀. If it wasn’t for the blog I would still be plodding along with the same stuff I did seven years ago 😅😅😉.

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  4. Mark A. Morin

    Sounds like the reunion and the harvests were great successes, congrats! I live one town away from the Connecticut border btw, what town is the cousin from? Like the mini dios, so fun looking and the reimagined bases are the bomb. Glad to see you back on the blog and looking forward to seeing more soon. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Mark the reunion was a huge success and even though it’s a cold start to summer we will be getting loads of apples😃.
      My cousin lives in Amston just out of Colchester and has been there for a long time ( maybe near on forty years🤔). I always wondered why she had not developed an accent, but after hearing your chat with IRO I now know why😅👍🏻.
      These little models are a bit more fun and along with the cold have distracted me from the big WWII one I was supposed to have done by now 🧐well maybe in the new year, have a good Xmas and I will be thinking of you as we chill through ours 😅😅😅.

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      1. Mark A. Morin

        I’m sure you’ll get to your WWII diorama in due time. Apples sounds great as we are heading into winter and won’t even see green leaves until April. I know Amston – very good friends of ours live in Marlborough, CT. The husband is a podiatrist. Anyways let’s raise a glass cross globally Pat, Cheers!

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  5. rantingsfromunder

    Some lovely work on those figures mate, what scale are they? I’m guessing 20mm, but the painting is so good they could be 28’s

    Glad to hear you’ve been getting together with the family, but after hearing you had a good haul of garlic they might not be so inclined to rush back to yours! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Have a great Christmas mate, and Cheers Roger.

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    1. patmcf

      😳😅😳👍🏻, yea mate the drying shed is still has a bit of an odour.
      They are 1/72 scale but some of The Dark Alliance
      Figures like the Anubis guys are 30mm. Some of there other fantasy figures can be a high as 50 mm😳.


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