How To Make Beer Can Models.


Well as John said, first consume the contents, kids you will have to stick to soft drinks and you adults take it easy, best do one at a time.

Now as you empty the can you need to cut a hole in the front, best started with a craft knife and trimmed to the required shape with scissors, push the seal back in place or stick some tape over the hole to prevent all the plaster you put on top dripping through into the can. Once this is done, you will need to round up the various figures and other bits and bobs you are going to use (anything goes as the ball is in your court to how it appears in the end).  Just a note here, I have made my stalactites and mushrooms using air-drying clay.  After trying a few methods this seemed to be the easiest.

Ok, to the plaster mix, I use plaster of Paris with a little PVA (white wood glue) and if I want to a little acrylic paint to colour the mix.  As a rule, it’s about three plastic cups to 30 ml of glue but it’s up to you.  I only put it in to give it a bit more strength but I may be wrong, Ha Ha!

Anyway for the first coating of the interior you want a runny consistency in order to flow it around as you twist and turn it to cover most of the cavity.  When this is done let it set, this will depend on the weather and the type of plaster used.   It does vary so be careful not to mix up too much.   Some plaster slip off very quickly so you don’t want to waste it. It’s probably best to start with a small quantity until you get used to how the plaster works.  Having done the inside you then need to do the exterior but this time you need the mix to be a bit thicker so it can be smeared on with a spatula or even a coffee stirrer.  

Now you should have a nice strong coating on the can.  The next thing you need is a base to prevent it toppling over.  The way I do this is to find a plastic container that’s somewhat larger than the can, then make up a stiff mix in the container.  Now embed the can into this mix and allow to set overnight.  In the morning pop it out of the plastic container and let it dry out. 

At this stage you can apply some felt to the base if you feel it is warranted.  If you wish to do this, simply apply PVA to the base and press onto the felt.  Allow to dry then trim any excess from around the base.

Now to paint it, you can either use spray cans or just paint it with acrylic paint, your choice.  Then apply the figures etc.  Stick them into place as you like.

Good luck and feel free to ask if I have missed anything.

Cheers Pat.

23 thoughts on “How To Make Beer Can Models.

    1. patmcf

      To right mate, it was fun so I’m not surprised that there there were a number of requests to see my approach, I was particularly excited that one of our boys wanted to see it as his boy wanted to make one.😃

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Jeff, there wasn’t any problems with adhesion, I do feel that the addition of the white glue (PVA) helped, after the plaster had dried it was just a couple of rattle can sprays and a last coat of varnish 🤓

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