Dark Riders.

Black Riders. 24cm x 13cm

I have finally finished two things this year and they are both Dark Alliance black riders.  Today I’m putting up the larger one.  I have used one of my Jarvis ruins to which I added a bit more base area with some Foam board and plaster, as well as a few wire trees

for effect.  I have thrown in some Elves too and that’s about it.

Not much more to say other than Jill and I are busy on the block, me watering the vegetables and Jill fighting the ever present weeds and roses, along with all the other ornamentals AAAHHH!

Well I trust you are all keeping well and will post the little one in a couple of days.

21 thoughts on “Dark Riders.

    1. patmcf

      Thanks Ec , been busy a s bee out on the plot what being summer so I spent half the day watering and the rest sleeping 😅😅😅, I’m not idle though but the next series is taking up more time to paint the figures than I had first imagined 🥵

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    1. patmcf

      I wouldn’t argue with that mate as I feel we all tend to fill up any we have nowadays , life is a lot quicker than when we were young 😅. I am glad I did downsize as I am getting more subjects that I have planned done.
      There will be a bit of a lag though as the next lot of figures are taking a lot longer to paint , I trying to improve my painting ability as I feel theses guys warrant it 😉.

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  1. Kuribo

    Its nice to see you working on another Lord of the Rings diorama, Pat! Its funny how Dark Alliance ripped off the designs from the movies so unapologetically but as a Tolkien fan, I’m thrilled to see it. There’s not much cooler than the Ringwraiths and best of all, they’re not too hard or complicated to paint 🙂

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    1. patmcf

      I didn’t know that 🤔just goes to show my viewing of Tolkien’s work is lacking , something I should remedy. I’m glad it gained your approval matey , I have another tiny one I’ll put up soon .
      Still plodding away with the figure painting for the next series, a big change mate 😉.

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      1. Kuribo

        The resemblance is so close, Dark Alliance could have been sued over it, I would think! I look forward to see what you work on next as well. I’m sure it will be something great 🙂

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      2. patmcf

        I asked one of the daughters and she agreed , amazing I thought her only as a Harry Potter person🤔.
        I am itching to get the next lot done and up ! But as they say a good job is done well!
        😅😅😅👍🏻not sure about that one 🤓👍🏻

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      3. Kuribo

        Lord of the Rings is something that I believe most people have read or seen the movies. Not unlike Harry Potter, actually. Stay patient and do a good job. I promise I can wait until its ready! 😀

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