Samurai Parts 2.3.4.

Well, the first thing I asked myself is why do I make these on multiple bases? I don’t know!

I have had this problem from the first one I did, the green jackets on the Napoleonic one. Then every so often I would slip back and do it again, weird but I suppose it’s just one of those strange habits that develop when you are not one to plans things out in advance and only make it up as you go – that’s my whole life.

Well, enough of that and let’s cut to the chase, eh!

These are the same Zvezda figures as used before but I have slipped in a few Ninjas from the Caesar set H003 Japanese samurai and ninjas. A great set if you want some ninjas although they are hard to find.

The terrain consists of boulders which I created by dipping some blue stone gravel from my driveway into plaster, stuck into Styrofoam. I then built up a foam board base around them, smoothed over with plaster. Added some sand added to the paths with static grass and a few flowers I had made up years ago. Slap in some wire trees that I have tried to make look like something oriental and that’s about it!

Not sure what will be coming next as I have an idea for some ancient Chinese that I’m painting up but have no idea how to base them yet.

Cheers and keep well, Rgds Pat.

P.S. Thanks for all the likes and comment on the last one! Particularly I would like to thank Anthony on his helpful comment and links to this subject.

21 thoughts on “Samurai Parts 2.3.4.

  1. John@justneedsvarnish

    I think the multiple base approach works well! I have this idea in my head that it’d be great to be able to arrange them in any order with either long or short sides matching up, but that would be a bit too tricky I think! Minis and bases all look really good, as always!

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Roger , the artwork you are referring to are Triptych , even though I was the worst student in my school the one subject I did excel at was art and the history of it where I leant about them. Maybe just maybe that’s why I split mine up 😅😅👍🏻

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  2. Kuribo

    Unplanned or not, the idea of three separate bases is a winner! I’ve seen people take a similar approach with miniatures in different seasons. Each one is on its own display base and set next to each other which looks surprisingly good. I really like the sense of movement in these three. Changing up the landscaping was a great choice as well. I think you’ve just about nailed the samurai setting lately, Pat!

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Jeff , I am pleasantly surprised at the positive responses to it being in three parts I wasn’t sure about it myself but due the response I will try a few more multi one down the line.

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Dave , I have a few left over but I’m not sure what will become of them 🤔. Each time I search around in the shed I come across boxes of painted guys that never got a gig 🙁, I just hope the Samurai mood doesn’t dissolve before I can come up with a plan 😅😉.

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks mate I didn’t think it would have got so many positive comments, I’m pretty keen on trying Johns suggestion , a bit of challenge but I’m up to it 😅😅👍🏻🤓

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