First 2023 Road Trip.

Well we have just had our first road trip for the year and it was quite pleasant weather wise.  Being Autumn the temperature was only in the 20’s, a bit cool for my liking but it has been a very mild summer.

Our first port of call was a stay at my sister and her husband’s farm in South Australia, then we followed the Murray river (the largest in Australia) back to Victoria and visited relations in Mildura, on our way back home. There weren’t any mishaps which was a bonus.  We normally have dining problems for some reason, either the chef is sick, the restaurant’s not open or it has a crap menu!  Overall we had a fun time.  We never go without as we always travel with emergency supplies. I mention this because we were smiled upon this time by the travel gods and we hit the jackpot in a town called Renmark in South Australia. The room was splendid and well laid out and the best part was the restaurant attached.  It provided one of the best meals we’ve had in a long time (sorry I don’t take food photos, such a shame!) and as for the staff they were so welcoming and polite, couldn’t fault them.

Well that’s about it, will pop up some photos now, those that have seen my other trips will see a familiarity, bloody flat and featureless landscapes!!! Ha Ha ! .

For those in Australia or thinking of visiting Renmark, the Motel is called Citrus Valley Motel and their restaurant is called Ashley’s.

Cheers Pat.

27 thoughts on “First 2023 Road Trip.

  1. Dave Stone

    Great to hear there was no problems on your trip Pat, and some amazing photo’s, and man that’s a big lobster, it would take me years to sculpt something that big ! LOL

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    1. patmcf

      😃😅👍🏻thanks Dave , it’s funny that Australians like to build big things for tourists, I have seen a big pineapple, a big banana and a big Murray cod. I’m sure there are many more to see as we travel around and will post any more we come across 😉😅👍🏻

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  2. Kuribo

    The pictures are beautiful as all from Oz seem to be. I’m really glad you got to enjoy some time away from home and now I know why you’ve been quiet as far as dioramas go too 😉

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks mate it was good to get away for longer than usual,the phots of the smallest motel room we have stayed in (lucky we are both small people 😅) was great, to wake up and look out across that big lake was so good 😊. I do have a few items going at the mo, I have painted up the figures, just working on the bases so hopefully I’ll have something up soon 👍🏻🤓.

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    1. patmcf

      😅😅😅👍🏻, thanks mate it was a
      A great trip but I’m paying for it now 🥵my gardener has injured himself and old plumpy has to do it 😉.


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