Zvezda Cuirassiers

Well hello, Now I won’t go on about is the problem the world is experiencing at the moment as you would have heard it all by now; I just trust you are all well and coping with it in your own way. This week I have painted up the Vezda Cuirassiers set and they turned […]

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Desert Attack

Well you are probably wondering why you are seeing this and not the Swamp, it hasn’t been forgotten it has just suffered from one of the many side effects caused by this cursed Virus. Our government here in Australia has stopped the mail from coming into the country but forgot to tell us! I’m not […]

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US Civil War

Size: 82 x 62 cm

Being much bigger than the last, I ponder why it is that they are increasing in size again? I hold accountable the standard size timbre sheets that I use for the bases. The Medieval village was constructed on one base sheet whereas this one started at half the size. Somehow along the track it doubled itself to be the largest yet. Looking at it now, it’s not the best idea having two that need to be joined.

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