Desert Attack

Well you are probably wondering why you are seeing this and not the Swamp, it hasn’t been forgotten it has just suffered from one of the many side effects caused by this cursed Virus. Our government here in Australia has stopped the mail from coming into the country but forgot to tell us! I’m not sure whether the ‘Angry Elves’ were carrying the virus or were considered illegal immigrants, but they have been returned to whence they came so at the moment that project is on hold.

This one, Desert Attack, for the want of a better name, is again a small one (1.6 kg 40cm x 30cm x 15cm) as I’m running out of room! It is just Styrofoam with a thin layer of plaster over it. The trees are the same wire trees I have used in the past as they do lend themselves well to fantasy dioramas and the stone walls have been covered in the paste so enough said.  The figures are mostly from Dark Alliance and are the Amazons, both mounted and on foot.  I have swapped the strange beast selection that is included in the modern mounted set.  I don’t know what they were thinking, lions and tigers … maybe, but a dinosaur … no way!! Any way instead, I have placed some of the Wargs set which are sensibly provided without riders.  The others are Nomads Set 1 and Set 2, Steppes Warriors and a few ladies from the Linear A Amazons Set 1.

One other thing I should mention is the arrows dotting the scene. I was given them as a gift and they come from Fredericus Rex Miniatures.  What you receive in the set is the fletcher  which you then stick onto a small piece of wire, a fiddly job but well worth it. The dodgy ones are those I tried  making myself, fail fail!  I originally bought these for the archery meeting that is going to go alongside the castle, if I get back to finishing it.

25 thoughts on “Desert Attack

  1. theimperfectmodeller

    I love this one Pat and I think it is the overall size which stands out for me. Like you space has driven me to scale down the size of my dioramas but I set myself the challenge to get as much detail as possible into the space available and that is what I think is the stand out achievement here. Love the defensive wall and gate and it really does look like it is under attack. Great figures as always too. Trust you are all safe and well and that Tech Advisor is OK too.

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Dave I’m glad you liked the new smaller one , I wasn’t sure at the start if I could make look active , I am happy with the outcome. The wall and gates were probably the easiest Bit of terrain I done and as for the figures , so well sculpted it makes them easy to paint . We are all fine , my wife just told me Tech Advisor is learning to drive a tractor over on the farm , she had never had to use a clutch so it would have been fun to watch !😀

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  2. Dave Stone

    Another stunning piece Pat, your dio’s are always so full of action and interaction, you could spend hours looking at the pictures continually finding new details

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  3. Mark A. Morin

    Really impressed Pat, so much action – so much movement. I love all the small details like the arrows in the tree trunks and all around. The top view flow of the cavalry through the gate is stunning. WOW!

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  4. Ann

    So much activity. Arrows flying everywhere, clashing steel, thundering hooves, the glint of sun on shield and helm, the tang of fear, blood and death, screaming … then in a few moments it is all over! Great diorama. I like how you’ve captured all of that activity for something that will resolve itself very quickly. A frozen moment in time.

    May I use a picture for the next painting challenge? The idea is to paint something larger over 60 days and I wanted to include dioramas.

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    1. Ann

      I took the liberty of including a picture from now before I heard back because I wanted to get the post up before I had to leave for the day, but if you would rather not have it included please let me know and I’ll take it down. 🙂

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  5. patmcf

    Thanks Ann, With words like that you should take up the role of a diorama critic, brilliant! I feel you would be a natural, just like I said IRO should be great fantasy author ! What you say the moment frozen in time is exactly what I want to achieve and from what you and our other happy friend’s have said I feel I have achieved this.
    As for using any of the stuff I put up feel free to use it, it makes me feel a bit chuffed that some one would want to!!

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