Simple diorama base

Normally I’m pretty hopeless on work-in-progress posts, but today I’m putting up a kind of step by step on how I make up a dio base as I have had a few requests, and I managed to take some photos this time as well. Cut a piece of MDF or whatever wood you choose to […]

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Hedges: String Method

Finally the weather was kind to me and I was able to get some shots of the hedge project for the ECW diorama I’m working on. I have seen some great blogs on how to make them but this method is a little different and adapted from TIM’s tree method of using string. I found […]

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US Civil War

Size: 82 x 62 cm

Being much bigger than the last, I ponder why it is that they are increasing in size again? I hold accountable the standard size timbre sheets that I use for the bases. The Medieval village was constructed on one base sheet whereas this one started at half the size. Somehow along the track it doubled itself to be the largest yet. Looking at it now, it’s not the best idea having two that need to be joined.

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