Fantasy Swamp Terrain WIP

Well here we are with the new diorama terrain that I said I was working on. It is only at stage one as I haven’t decided who the combatants are going to be at this stage.  I originally was going to use the Dark Alliance Elves but in the end I wasn’t that impressed with them so they might be replaced with the Caesar Elves as they seem to fit in better with what I have in mind. As to who is going to oppose them I’m yet to decide.

Well this little piece was created using my new toy, the hot wire foam cutter, that I purchased after the Tech Adviser left me with loads of it after finishing her house. It is a great instrument and one I would recommend if one is going to use Styro foam in a big way.  I found using it in conjunction with the hot glue gun the way of the future for me, so fast and a lot less messy than the old Stanley knife and PVA.

I’m just posting some progress shots for now of the terrain and as you can see there is no water as yet as it is the last thing I do when all else is in position.

I have put my lizard (Maenoferren  inspired) on just for fun, he isn’t going to be on this one but I hope to include somewhere down the track.  Thanks Steve, I reckon he will look pretty good mate!

The other thing I should mention is the new frames I have had custom made to protect my dioramas from their arch enemies, dust!! You will see in the last couple of photos the frames I had made up by none other than the young gentleman who worked with Tech adviser on her tiny house, Chris Bowers. Since the completion of that project young Chris has started his own business making handmade contemporary furniture (Bowers Timberworks) and after getting him to design some simple but effective frames I’m sure he will do well in the future.

I normally get covers, the ones made of Perspex, made by Kayendee, and to me are best way to protect them from dust and crap. However, they are expensive and only really needed if they are on permanent display.  But for now, I have opted for the cheaper version and will only need to purchase the Perspex ones when I need them…  if that all makes sense!

24 thoughts on “Fantasy Swamp Terrain WIP

  1. theimperfectmodeller

    Very nice Pat. Looks a great bit of base work and I really like the wooden structures and of course the trees! Your mate did a good job on the frames, no wonder you are pleased. Looking forward to seeing how you go forward with this one.

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks mate ,the wire trees you introduced me to are so versatile, and like your good self wooden match sticks make a better show than anything that I have seen manufactured in plastic , and it is a great pleasure helping a young lad with his home grown business , unfortunately we here have relied on China to provide cheap stuff we as a nation used to do in our own country .

      Liked by 4 people

      1. theimperfectmodeller

        We have all become to dependent on China in my opinion Pat. Will be interesting to see what fallout there is once this Coronavirus has been sorted. I would love to see the UK become more independent from a manufacturihg perspective.

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