English Civil War

Well I’ve finally finished it after all the planning, getting helpful tips from my followers and the research trip. It was going well until I realized that after painting all the cavalry and infantry that they wouldn’t fit on the base without looking crowded so I had to extend the base to its current size which is as follows; (620cm /2ft x 620cm /2ft, and weighs 4kg). I have had this problem before though this time it was only a strip about 15cm /6”, not like the US civil war one where I had to double its size entirely.

I have always had a fascination for this period since we studied it at school but never thought I would get to do a diorama on the subject as there were no figures available back then .When I got back into it a couple of years ago and I was researching Napoleonic period figures, (that is my favourite) on the 1/72 soldier review site. I highly recommend you visit it before purchasing your figures; it has been of great help, especially when you wish to match figures from different companies. When I found the first ECW figs, they didn’t impress me so I put the idea on the back burner until I stumbled on the Revell sets for the Swedish thirty year war and found them perfect for the job. I bought a set at some considerable price two years ago, then I realised they were out of production so kept my eye out and managed to purchase a couple of sets since. Having spent some time in the UK, I being from Australia was fascinated by all the greenness and soft light, so this subject enabled me to try and emulate the English country side. I feel I have, but I’m sure that there will be some from the old country whom will spot a few inconsistencies.

Ok, I know a few of you out there who know your figures and would have spotted ones I have used from other companies apart from the mainly Revell set with a few of the smaller figures from A Call To Arms, so I won’t list them.

I learnt a lot about painting horse and found it a lot more fun when I learnt all about their huge variety in colourings, not quite as simple as I thought, a bit like when I started painting trees brown, only to realise that is not always the case- more greys and greens especially in the damp UK. Now you can all go and check out the badly painted trees on the Medieval village one!

After painting the horses it came to the job off pinning them, the most difficult job of pinning I have encountered as their hooves are small and fragile. However I couldn’t avoid it as burying the base would have been a bad idea as it is too difficult to put static grass around figures when they are mounted on the base.

Once again I am indebted to theimperfectmodeller who gave me the great tip on string trees, as used on this diorama as well as the Retreat from Corunna. I can say how well they turn out with a bit of practise. Having made a few trees I then thought may I could adapt  this to making hedges, and bingo the string hedge appeared to me, so thanks again Dave, I feel your tips have had a lot to do with the way I wanted it to turn out.

13 thoughts on “English Civil War

  1. theimperfectmodeller

    Not entirely sure where to start with this one Pat, it’s simply mind blowing. I admire your paitence, honed no doubt by the number of women in your life!. A single project on this scale takes some doing and sticking with it to the end is amazing but it looks so good. I can appreciate the work that went into this, just the painting alone of so many figures never mind putting them in place and the base work as well. The idea of the trees and hedges is one thing but it still needs to be carried out and as I suspected you have taken the concept and moved it on some. Well done mate. I’m sure you deserve a break but in the meanwhile I’m really looking forward to learning what you come up with next!

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  2. patmcf

    Thanks Dave, I’m really glad you like this on as you said I did put a lot more thought and effort into this one as it was always going to be a bit special because as you well know I had the great fortune to be able to reside in your great country as well as a couple of great holidays. You’re right about the women bit as it is always good to get out of their way when they are having a great chat and don’t need to listen to me throwing in stupid comments or that’s how they see it !.And yes when I’m shown a new trick I tend to do what you said ,the Pom at work calls me anal which is a bit of a worry I’m not sure what means by that or what his game is ! .
    You are right mate, I’m having a bit of a spell now as I have completed all the ones I had in my head ,and as I like to paint the figures in winter,( summer is nearly here ) I have decided to go to the old not completed box ,I know most of us have one as It has been mentioned a few times by yourself and other lads .
    On opening it I found the castle the girls gave me in 2013 ,so it’s due for a bit of attention I feel eh! ! well I purchased a similar one to bulk it out but when I put I in the to hard basket it all went in together half done . Yeah mate you guessed it ,they are so similar it is a nightmare working out how to finish them ,well I have all summer to work that one out but when I do I will post updates on it’s progress and work out the paint job info you gave me and Tech adviser mumbled about me not being able to grasp it ! .the original idea was for the castle to sit next to the medieval village so we will see how it goes eh mate .


  3. justneedsvarnish

    Well, it’s definitely been worth waiting for! Very impressive, particularly seeing the static groundwork from a few weeks ago transformed into such a dynamic action now that the figures are in place! You’ve obviously thought long and hard about who goes where and shelters behind what! Brilliant!

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  4. Pete S/ SP

    Wow- that is superb. The posing of the figures really evokes a full on cavalry charge and the desperate defence against it. The close up photos show of the attention to detail that you have put in too. Very impressive all round.



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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Pete, I did put a bit of pressure on myself to get the action right on this one as it’s been in the making for some time now and I so wanted to get it right ! . It was a great relief when it turned out to my satisfaction ,funny it took a bit out of me this time ,so I’m changing direction and working on a model castle!.

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  5. patmcf

    Thanks John ,you are so right about figure placement, and that’s why I pin the figures ,then I can stick then into the base and see if they look alright and if not remove them until I find the right place for that particular one . It’s my first go at cavalry and I was a bit worried at first that I wasn’t getting the fury of the charge right but in the end I feel it worked out ok, so maybe I’ll think of doing another cavalry charge now ,heaven knows I have enough of them !.

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  6. Mark A. Morin

    I’m just in awe of this project. The details are incredible and would take a lot of comments to marvel at each individual aspect. The whole thing just works so well, the cavalry charge flows so well and speaks of action. I love the foliage, the weathering on the building, the horses and men, the careful way that every aspect is captured. Kudos to the infinite power!

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Mark I appreciate that mate ,it’s comments like yours and the other lads that make it all worth while ,people that can recognize the finer points and the effort that goes into modelling . This one being a favourite subject of mine I wanted it to be spot on so I put a lot more time in the placement of the little guys and I felt I had really nailed it so it’s good to get hear that I’m not just bias and blowing my own trumpet eh! .

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  7. imperialrebelork

    Wow man. This is superb. I can’t believe it’s 1/72. You must have the patience of a saint. Everything looks amazing and I especially like the movement in the piece. You can almost hear the hooves of the cavalry thudding across the field. The defensive line looks great although you should have done one trooper shitting himself haha. The greenery looks fantastic. You should be proud mate.


    1. patmcf

      Thanks mate! I feel it was one theme I wanted to do for some time. Having had an old education in the 50s 60s we were taught everything English in our school in outback NSW so while we were boiling at Chritmas as you know now back home the snow would have been falling, so yeah I have always had a fascination for real green! not our burnt out olive drab.
      I have to give credit to our Pom boys for their help, Dave with his trees and John with his painting tips, along with your own, so really a lot of my success is down to you lads, for the tips and ideas. Dave calls us The happy Few ,or a miserable bunch of F…S ! Sorry mate he never said that! but I’m sure he thinks it some days when he sees the shit I write!
      I trust you and your beautiful family have a grand day ! you will excuse me mate to be so bold as to say your wife and children are blessed to have such a great guy not just looking after then but doing what all great dads do ! entertaining which wouldn’t be hard ,and down the track matey they will remember with there Dads , and having FUN! . later mate when they are older, they will sit around with mum (you will be excluded so done take offences Its just women being women and they do still love you, but that’s fine ,more time in the modelling capsule that the family have built you for your 35th HAAh !

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