French Dragoons

I’m continuing on with a few mini dioramas while I work out what’s going to happen down at the swamp. So today I have some really nice figures from Italeri, French Dragoons, which are, along with the foot Dragoons, are a favourite of mine.  I should say now that the idea of doing these little ones comes from none other than our good friend Marvin, who most of you will know has produced a lot of work showing certain sets of figures from the Napoleonic period along with his fine Crimean ones, and more .

There is not much to tell about this one as it’s very simple, the only thing new is stone wall. This was created from a method I spotted by some fine fellow showing how he makes one. I was pretty interested so I tried it out and I feel it gives a great result as well as being very cheap to make.  Have a look at it and judge for yourselves.

Just a comment on the Italeri figures, you won’t find many on my dioramas even though they are really well done.   It’s just that they are a bit chunky and to me they don’t mix in with other brands. However having said that, I will be doing a few more small ones featuring their fine work on their own as you see here.

20 thoughts on “French Dragoons

    1. patmcf

      Thanks John, I have checked the Polish lancers and I had started painting the cavalry five years ago ,but at that stage, painting horses was a fearsome task so I put them aside !

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  1. theimperfectmodeller

    I have to say the figures look great Pat, I will take your word for how they compare. I do like these mini dioramas you are doing, not that I don’t like the bigger ones of course. The wall looks good too, in due course you’ll have to let us know how you conjured it up! The static grass, I assume that is what you have used, has stood up nicely and looks the part as well.

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Dave, they are fun to do, less stress! I will talk about the walls, but as yet I’m experimenting with my version. I have tried a new method with the static grass, I’m putting down a mix of around 6 or 7 mm and then puffing in some 1mm, it seems to be giving me a denser covering with less earth showing through. I’m always experimenting and giving others idea’s a try as you well know.

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  2. Marvin

    A classic set given the first class treatment they deserve! They are terrific sculpting and seen together in a charge like this is the perfect way to display them. I’m wondering about that wall – you’ll tell me you did dry-stone walling with tiny pebbles! Very impressed with the grass-work too, it looks really convincing.

    Glad my figures have inspired you to do this. 🙂 I keep meaning to go back to my dragoons and “one day” take some better photos, or even paint more.

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