Rogers Rangers.

Well I haven’t been idle my folks, I have been working on two dioramas at once, the first one I started kind of faded behind as I was waiting on some fine buildings from O.T.P.Terrain, a nice mob that IRO put me onto. As time went by this simpler one took preference.  It’s one I have wanted to do for a long time but the size of the Waterloo Rodgers Rangers figures were big compared with the Strelets Indians so I put it off.  It was only when I was able to purchase the Italeri Indian Warriors set that had gone out of production I was inspired again, they are quite tall so they fitted the job.

I had to modify the rangers a bit as their gear wasn’t quite correct according to the PSR, a fine organization that I’m always checking to see what the figures are going to be like. The other larger figures I decided to use were from Zvezda (8072 Dragoons of Peter the Great and 8057 Swedish Dragoons).  I painted them up to look a bit like the French of that period hopefully.  As the whole thing progressed I felt I could bang on some smaller figures to mix things up a bit and I felt comfortable with the size differences. I had some figures from Strelets painted up for an 1812 diorama that failed to get off the ground so I threw some of those on for variety. I have to say I picked up the little Imex log cabin years back, it was on sale so why not eh!

It is a lot smaller you will note, 15”x10” and weighs 2 lbs, the back drop was done by the Tech Adviser, and a fine job it is, thanks Fi.

Well that’s about it, so keep well and hopefully I can get my enthusiasm back for the next one. P.S the two brits in red coats are from Washington’s Airfix set and I first painted them in the late sixties! Still holding together but a little brittle

35 thoughts on “Rogers Rangers.

  1. theimperfectmodeller

    I think this has to be one of my favourites Pat not least of all because I love the era. Just so much to look at in this one. The cabin is excellent and the overall setting and groundwork is superb. You’ve also done a great job on the trees too. As always the figures are tops and they all work together very well. If there is a size issue it certainly doesn’t show up in any of these images. Great stuff mate and of course well done Fi! 🙂

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Dave! I have perked up mate ! It has sat in the shed for a while and it was only when i was given some advice by you know who it came to me that it was to plastic looking !! The wire trees were OK( Thanks again mate)but the ground was all wrong,a quick think and I added some saw dust to the paint and did it , not once but twice before I was happy ! maybe , just maybe I’m learning not to be so impulsive.
      with the great help of our neighbor we were able to put Fi’s House in its finale position today !

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  2. Dave Stone

    Great to see a new dio from you Pat, and is up to your normal excellent standard, the composition is great especially working with a smaller area than normal.

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    1. patmcf

      I’m so glad you like it mate and I have amended the spelling ,Thank you for that , isn’t it funny how one see a name and just goes on through like thinking that is how one spell a name!!. I’m looking forward to reading the link mate ! keep well and thanks again for the correction!

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Pig! you are right mate, as I’m used to doing bloody big ones I was surprised I could get away with doing a dio that is of a sensible size and getting an effect that i was happy with!

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Ec ! I still had the image of your place when you live further south some time back with those pine trees in your yard, that gave me an idea of how the cabin should be set in! so thanks mate for the help and i’m glad you like it and those tiny little figures that make it possible, a big pat on the back for the artists that make the little figures so we can have so much bloody fun!

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  3. Kuribo

    Wow, you’ve knocked another diorama out of the park! The amount of detail is insane and really tells a story. I like the lush scenery around this confrontation too. Its nice to see another completed project. I don’t know how you crank them out as fast as you do! 🙂

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Kuribo , retirement helps 😉unfortunate I had another one nearly finished but lost the enthusiasm, not for the first time 🤔. Oh well spring is on us down here so there is plenty of outdoor chores to be done , maybe some new inspiration may come my way so I don’t have keep weeding🥵and get back to the model room🤓

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  4. rantingsfromunder

    That is a stunning bit of work, so much going on with all the little details here and there, from the pans on the hearth, to the axe in the chopping block, I could go on and on, the moss on the cabin roof is a wonderful touch too. It’s a real snapshot of history.

    Oh and nice to see you spelling Roger the proper way too 😉.

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. patmcf

      Ahh mate you are so kind ! you also have a good eye for detail, when people ask me what makes a good one I say its when I’m not lazy and put all those finer detail into the show, and what makes me happy is when ,like your fine self notice it! And its great that I was corrected on the spelling, so good to have positive constructive feed back from the mob.


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