Samurai in Spice Jars.

Well I think I said I had another Samurai show on the way but again, the original Diorama was ambushed and put back in line when I was in our local K-mart shop and spied some nifty little jars that the manufacturer thought would make good spice jars.  However, being the good Modeller, I instantly saw a better use for them like some of you would know I have done with other sets.

Previously I had ordered an extra set of the marvellous Zvezda sets of Samurai cavalry, thinking I would need them for the Diorama but decided that it will have very few cavalry if any at all.  It wasn’t until I saw the jars that the idea came to me as to what I could do with them.  Bingo!  Dave (IMP) has been putting up a brilliant parade of individual figures for so long on great little plinths, I’ll see if I can do the same with a few tweaks.

Well to cut to the chase, I stained the wooden bases with my homemade Nulm Oil, and then sprayed them with some matt varnish.  That done, I tried two methods for the bases, either to just glue and dust their existing bases or make a base out of air drying clay and imbed the  base into the clay.

I put it to the team and they said I had to go that little bit extra and go with the clay idea. I then painted the terracotta clay dark grey and dusted them with 1mm static grass, done.

The tray you see them on came as part of the set of six and is handy for displaying them on.

Well cheers all and I hope you won’t have to wait too long for the Dio! Rgds Pat.

18 thoughts on “Samurai in Spice Jars.

  1. Kuribo

    I’ll take some Samurai spice, please! πŸ˜€ Not only do they look great but you’ve come up with a very clever way to display them. I think these could be put on display in a kitchen very easily which is pretty crafty of you Pat, I must admit haha!

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    1. patmcf

      πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ‘πŸ»T Hanks Jeff, yep soon as I saw them I new there potential as the glass is well moulded and at 3 bucks AU they are great value . Just got back from the store, cleaned them out of stock as I will use them again in the future πŸ˜‰.

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Dave And thanks for planting the seed of individual stately figures on plinths πŸ‘πŸ», you will notice the photos are a bit dodgy so as to hide my lousy painting skills πŸ˜‰. I heard your mums not doing to well, our thoughts are with you mate as you travel through this tough time, wish her well from us and keep the chin up mate. We all miss your great posts but understand your absents and hopefully things will get better, Cheers mate and love to the family.

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      1. theimperfectmodeller

        Thanks Pat. Life’s a bit all over the shop mate to be honest and will be for some time yet. On top of the situation with mum the blog needs a good clear out to create space but with everything going on I just don’t seem to find the time. On the positive side I’m just about managing to do some painting so if I ever do get things sorted I’ll have something to post! Take care mate. πŸ™‚

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks mate it does serve as a great background for theses guys, we had just had the first of the rain to green things up a bit, though the lack of sunlight made the photos a bit dark πŸ€”.

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