Samurai Part 6. 14cm x 25cm

Well here we are at the end of this series of the magnificent Zvezda Samurai series which have been a pleasure to paint up and make up into these small Dioramas.  I’m not sure why the last one is similar to the first though it could be that I loved the walls.

The figures I used on this last one are mainly the odd ones left over from the previous ones with a few ninjas from the Caesar set and a few archers from Zvezda’s Art of Tactics series, Ashigaru Archers 6414.  The wall is scratch built from foam board imprinted with the old bristle free paint brush and the tiles as done in the first one.  I had to use some of my creeping vines from Citadel as I think they are so good, you bend them as you like and a dab of super glue holds them well in place.

I have included a photo of the lot.  A

 big thanks to you all for all your comments as it makes doing these worthwhile, cheers all and as I say, Keep well!

19 thoughts on “Samurai Part 6. 14cm x 25cm

  1. Dave Stone

    Wonderful diorama to finish the series Pat, has been a joy to see, and examine every photo, for all the detail you’ve put into everyone.

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Steve , now all that’s done and winters coming in I’ll be able to put more time catching up to what you and the rest of the crew have been up to 😉👍🏻🤓

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  2. Kuribo

    Like the great Nobunaga, you have conquered the art of making samurai dioramas. Each one of these tell a great story and are a visual feast! I would definitely look forward to seeing any future samurai dioramas you can manage though none of us would blame you if you change subjects now that you’ve gained control of Japan! 😉

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    1. patmcf

      😅😅😅👍🏻thanks mate, as I have said before they are great figures to work with , and who knows I may well do more down the line as I just received two more boxes of them I forgot I ordered, but for now I will be trying to complete a few more “ neglected ones “ 😉.

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