New Base and Some Airfix Nostalgia.

I have been thinking of different ways to form bases and while dropping stuff off at the local charity store I spied some old picture frames going for a song.  Well I thought I would try and use them and see how they turn out. I have seen others using frames but I’m interested in what you fine folk think of the idea.

Maybe it’s my age but of late, I have been having a nostalgia period and purchased some old Airfix sets I used over fifty years ago.  I’m sure you will recognise the two on show here WWI Germans and WWI English infantry, both are simple but they have always appealed to my eye.

After I did the Zvezda WWI Russian experiment I had some over and slapped them on a base and popped them into another spice jar to match the other two.  I have used two Jarvis terrain pieces I had on hand which I filed down to fit under the domes.

That’s it I had better get back to building the Airfix Hurricane that somehow turned up in the post.

17 thoughts on “New Base and Some Airfix Nostalgia.

  1. John@justneedsvarnish

    I like these, Pat! 🙂 Good idea with the picture frame! Well done getting all those Zvezda Russians assembled – they are very nice figures but I found them buggers to stick together (and mine are not painted yet)! I have a soft spot for the Airfix WW1 British and Germans since I bought them as a kid when they first came out!

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks John, I’m glad you liked the frame idea I have a few more now and will try and match them to future Dios .As you say they were a bastard to do and I did end up with some arms on the wrong guys😉, I did learn that in future to cut of the base and pin them before attaching any arms as they just fell of with the extra handling 🥴.

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Dave, I do haunt the Opp shops for them , some will work and others just wouldn’t do the trick, secretly I’m looking for the old suit with wide lapels and flared pants 😅to go with the Nostalgia period I’m in at the mo👍🏻😅🤓.

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  2. Kuribo

    It might be nostalgia with the figures but using picture frames is very in vogue with wargaming painters. So you’re mixing nostalgia with cutting edge techniques! I know I mentioned it before but having the frame upright like you’d hang it on the wall with a mixed 2D and 3D look is all the rage right now and it looks great. I’ll admit I’ve been tempted to try it one day myself.

    With that being said, I’m glad to see you finish up some more dioramas and I look forward to seeing what’s next!

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks mate 😊I have taken on board what you said about hanging these buggers on the wall with my mate who framed all my decoupaged . We are working on it and I am sure between us we will come up with something that might impress you😉. I not a hammer myself but I’m sure if anyone is going to be at the cutting edge it will be they .

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