Zvezda Cuirassiers

Well hello,

Now I won’t go on about is the problem the world is experiencing at the moment as you would have heard it all by now; I just trust you are all well and coping with it in your own way.

This week I have painted up the Vezda Cuirassiers set and they turned out pretty well, all due to the great work the sculptor has done on these fine figures, they are probably one of the best I have painted. I feel they are going to go so well with the Carabiniers I have ordered another of set to fill out the diorama. I’d already purchased another set of the Carabiniers earlier and I’m painting them up this week.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it previously, but I’m painting up some House of Campaign Carabiniers as well, they are slightly smaller so it won’t be until I have painted all the figures required that I’ll know if they will fit the bill.

13 thoughts on “Zvezda Cuirassiers

  1. Marvin

    You’re right, they’re terrific figures. With cuirassiers, all that metal and colour make for a great spectacle, so with a great sculptor and a great paint job like this – we’ve got nap cavalry heaven! 🙂

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks Mark ,I’m getting better with practice now and I have lost my fear of painting horses 😂🤣and quite enjoy the variations they have which makes it more exciting !

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