WWII Pacific War Continuation

The other guys I have been working on are a continuation of last Summer’s WWII American /Japanese Pacific Campaign when I decided to make some small ones and these figures are painted up for one or two more along the same them. I have made one base so I’ll be getting at least one done in the Spring.  I know a couple of you are waiting to see the little tanks I’m going to use but I’ve struck a few problems with the tracks on them so have been unable to get them done in time for this blog, I’ll put them up soon though.

These figures are a mix of Strelets ,Waterloo 1815,Revell, Matchbox and Airfix .

8 thoughts on “WWII Pacific War Continuation

    1. patmcf

      I’m with you all the way John with the Japanese troops especially ,I feel someone said they were the best set ever produced ,It took me a while to find them as they were pretty rare and expensive but Revell is making them now thank heavens!

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    1. patmcf

      Thanks mate ,I have had a few set backs with the tank tracks but I’m pretty well ready to go as I have the base ready to go ,just need the warmth and that other precious thing we all need time .


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